Five Christmas foods trending on TikTok

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have a thousand tabs open on your computer and have swiped every cookbook you owned on the table in search of the perfect Christmas dishes. If you like to mix things up a bit this year, this is your go-to for downloading TikTok.

#Foodtok is in full swing with creators sharing fun foods to make this season silly. Some are old revivals, some are new, and some aren’t traditional Christmas foods at all — but hey, in Australia, anything goes.

If you don’t have time to allow the TikTok algorithm for three to five working days to realize you want to see Christmas food in FYP (For You Page), we’ve done the hard squares and rounded up five festive trends.

baked brie

It was acceptable in the ’80s, but processed cheese bread is seeing a revival on TikTok, not surprisingly, considering it’s as simple as putting a wheel of cheese in the oven. If there’s one thing viewers love on TikTok, it’s simplicity.

The hashtag’s 38.4 million views also come down to the satisfying oozing factor of crispy baguettes dipped in a cooked wild dish. On top of being top-notch pornography to watch, processed cheese bread is the perfect canvas for the Christmas decoration of your choice.

The sisters behind @yesidothecooking, who made the most viral baked brie video on TikTok (garnering 8.3 million views), topped it off with chopped pistachios, chili flakes, honey, and thyme.

We love this festive presentation by @Justine_snacks, with cranberries drenched in vinegar and red wine. Head out to your local cheesemonger and relive this retro classic.

potato bubbles

What do you do when you’re TikToker with some leftover fries? Turn them into a viral video of course. Enter Mrs. She and Mr. He, a cooking couple with 1.3 million followers on TikTok, known for their cute and creative Asian-inspired dishes and Ms. She’s sweet voice with ASMR’s voice. The duo’s crispy potato dish has racked up over 20 million views.

There are three potatoes left after making them [a] French fries video, so I tried to make another dish. I wasn’t expecting this video to go viral at all,” Ms. Shi explains. Luckily, it did, and now we can all enjoy the crunch on the outside, and the softness on the inside potato bites.

Mrs. Shi mashes boiled potatoes, adds sticky rice flour and cornmeal, shapes them into small bubble-like balls and fry them twice. “The double-frying step is essential for crunchy skin,” says Shi, who also told us there’s a “secret ingredient” she didn’t include in the video. We’ll just have to keep making these addictive fries until we crack the code. However, it will take these ordinary Christmas fries to the next level.


Repeat after me: “Awesome girls love soup. Soup girls are the hottest chicken flip girls.” This hymn was penned by Serena from Fishdress in a video of her and her friend eating soup and making rhymes. However, Serena didn’t promote the soup alone. In the middle of the year, another non-food related account posted a scene of Adam Driver eating some “good soup” in a scene from the 2017 TV show. girls. Since then, the video has garnered more than 37 million views, and has become a viral meme. What kind of soup? It does not matter, as long as she is good, she will become a very beautiful girl.

With all this knowledge out of the way, #foodtok has created all kinds of different soups inspired by these memes. From pho to French onion soup, let this unexpected food group decorate your table this Christmas.

Take advantage of seasonal produce like tomatoes (here’s the Triple Tomato Soup from RecipeTin), or make things a little more summery with gazpacho. With La Niña smashing Australia’s east coast, a hot bowl of soup is probably just what we’re feeling like eating at Christmas this year.

Matcha sweets

This bitter, powdered green tea rich in tannin has been “in vogue” since the 7th century in China. Centuries later, social media has promoted matcha as a staple in any tea lover’s group. The matcha hashtag alone has 1.2 billion views and it’s easy to see why: The ceremonial mission of making matcha tea, combined with its green coloration, makes it perfect for TikTok. Get some Christmas color popping up on your table this year with our popular strawberry-matcha combo, whether it’s in a drink, a trifle, Adam Liao’s Pavlova, or this sweet, sweet sandwich (below).

Cucumber salad “Dragon”

If you’re looking for an easy and impressive side dish to serve with spread, look no further than this cucumber salad. The hashtag has over 80 million views on TikTok, and its “dragon” salad wows viewers with its clever slicing technique. Creator Jiaxin Allen makes a choice between chopsticks so you can slice it thinly, but not completely. This turns it into a satisfying option, with nooks and crannies for an Asian-inspired dressing to cling to. This salad will keep you as cold as a cucumber on a hot Christmas Day.

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