Five great ice cream parlors to shout about

The magic of ice cream lies in its melting properties and mixed hints. It invites us to slow down and have fun but reminds us to do it quickly, before it turns into a puddle. But aren’t some of life’s best moments pleasantly fleeting?

Where do you find such blissful bliss in the middle of that hot Florida summer? Here are five of our favorite local spots for ice cream and other cold desserts—during ice cream month and beyond.

Mate Gelato Factory

Mate Cairo holds a glass of chocolate and vanilla mixture at the Mate Gelato Factory in Juneau Beach.

Welcome to Juno Beach Gelato Store which was launched in 2017 by businessman Matty Cairo, who was 23 years old. The Matte Gelato Factory is where Cairo makes small batches of gelato just as he learned from old-school Italian gelato makers in Connecticut, where he was a nursing student.

The store has become a county destination. Locals and visitors have always given high and above average praises about the place on Yelp.

Flavor notes: The menu includes the wonderful “OMG Coffee Chocolate Mascarpone” flavor. Matty’s also offers sugar-free vegan gelato flavors.

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Sloane Ice Cream

Every day like a sundae at Sloan Ice Cream Shops.

The bright pink Empress of Palm Beach County ice cream parlors, Sloan has been a local establishment and a customer favorite since opening its first store on Clematis Street in 1999. The luxury brand now has nine locations in the United States (five of them in Palm Beach County) and six Others in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Expect whimsical interiors to match your creative ice cream.

Flavor notes: The menu includes concoctions like peach cobbler (infused with cobbler bits), Tracy’s Scrumptious Pretzel (caramel ice cream studded with chocolate-covered biscuits and coated with peanut butter) and other combinations farther away.

  • Sloan: The ice cream brand has two stores in West Palm Beach, one in Delray Beach and two in Boca Raton. To find one near you, visit

Suitable ice cream

Nothing is obvious about the cones in Proper Ice Cream.

The cult-favorite ice cream in this Delray Beach-born concept tastes like it was dreamed up by a chef. There is a reason for that. Fit Ice Cream founder Rick Philberbaum, a lawyer turned ice cream entrepreneur, takes inspiration from his stints in the kitchens of some of South Florida’s top chefs.

The result is an ice cream rich in flavour.

Flavor notes: Highlights include Sicilian pistachio with caramelized figs, vanilla malt with roasted white chocolate, raspberry cake, vegan golden milk and guanabana syrup.

  • Suitable ice cream: In Delray Beach, the original site is at 1445 N. Congress Ave. (561-359-3420) is open afternoon and evening every day except Monday; In Boca Raton, the main new location at 5560 N. Military Tr. (561-245-7905) is open from noon to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; noon to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday;

Rosa Ice Cream

Jupiter's Rosa Ice Cream makes their frozen desserts in small batches with no added sugar and all-natural ingredients.

If you’re craving ice cream mixed with fresh and sweet Latin American flavors, the family-owned Jupiter Shop is the place for you. Rosa Ice Cream, created by longtime ice cream chef David Huila, specializes in making natural, handcrafted ice cream and palitas (ice pop).

Spicy palettes are sometimes served in two ways: fresh fruit, dairy-free flavors, and more decadent, cream-based varieties. Both methods are served without added sugar or preservatives.

“We don’t use sugar in our products because when you add sugar, it all tastes like sugar,” says Hoyuela, who plans to open a Rosa Ice Cream kiosk in Palm Beach Outlets in August.

A favorite scoop gets a luxurious touch of meringue in Jupiter's Rosa Ice Cream.

Hoyuela named the shop after his favorite childhood dairy cow on his family’s farm on the outskirts of Santander, Spain.

“I’ve always said ‘Rosa brings us the best ice cream,'” says Hoyuela, who has been in the ice cream business for 35 years and comes from a family that makes ice cream in Spain.

Flavor notes: Varieties of ice cream include dulce de leche, tres leches cake and nutella banana. Flavors of creamy pelletta include marzipan and coconut with mango. Non-dairy palette flavors include tamarind, Jamaican (hibiscus), and watermelon. Spicy non-dairy palettes include mango and tamarind.

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