Flavor solutions inspired by culinary heritage treat cravings to escape reality

July 14, 2022 – Recipes ranging from the sweet desserts of the Balkans to the sweltering kitchens of Southeast Asia provide a colorful backdrop for flavor creation.

This year’s batch of new taste developments are equally innovative – the umami tradition of distilling fatty meats using only plant-based ingredients, for example – as they reflect the globalized food and beverage scene.

food ingredients He was on the show floor at the recently concluded annual IFT FIRST event and exhibition, in Chicago, US, where he spoke to key players in flavors about their trend-driven expansion in the field of taste.

Authentic heritage flavors and plant-sourced tones are gaining traction among consumers when marrying popular food and beverage themes, such as low-alcohol beverages and their delicious vegetarian meat counterparts.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances showcased an array of authentic heritage flavors from across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.Salty vegetable broth
Featuring a food and beverage counter, complete with pilot counter, sink and refrigerator, Bell Flavors & Fragrances showcases its culinary team serving world-inspired flavors that address consumers’ search for an escape from reality.

Similar to the food and beverage pairing counter, the tasting table serves up refreshing mocktails that can be sipped in soft lounge-style seating. The showroom also comes equipped with a “flavor manipulation counter” and a window for displaying food and produce with locked storage.

The company’s range of offerings includes authentic heritage flavors from Eastern Europe to colorful recipes from Latin America and Malaysia.

“We’ve done a lot this year on the plant-based topic. We have vegan dumplings that incorporate some of our advances in flavor, umami and kokumi-improving techniques, as well as some of our vegan fat flavors — which include a vegan distillation flavor,” explains David Banks, Director of First for marketing at Bell Flavors & Fragrances.

On his way to creating the flavors, Bell drew inspiration from the Balkans, playing with the tastes of cuisines from the Black Sea to the Carpathian Mountains. One of the items on offer is the bee-friendly baklava that is dairy-free, honey-butter-free, and nut-free.

In honor of Southeast Asia, Bell made vegan pork dumplings with chili sambal oil and calamansi—a mix between an orange and citrus, known as Filipino lime.

As a nod to both the tooth trend and the popularity of Japanese flavors, the supplier introduced the umeboshi and rum flavored mocktail. Umeboshi is pickled salted fruit that is usually served as a side dish for rice or eaten over rice balls – often without removing the pit – for breakfast and lunch in Japan.

Whisper to Latin Highlands, the connoisseur of connoisseurs created dark chocolate-coated peanuts with a cherry flavor, complemented by mesquite-flavored milk chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Heading to the coastal regions next, Bell offered “nutritious, delicate and delicious gifts of the sea” with the final tasting ingredient, the strawberry hibiscus kombucha bush.

Ingredion showed off its prototypes including Cacio e Pepe chips inspired by the popular Italian pasta recipe made with Pecorino Romano and black pepper.The flavor deserves a crunch
Ingredion showcased a number of unique product prototypes featuring a combination of ingredients that fit “360 Value” for a company focused on meeting consumer demands for environmental well-being and sustainability.

Ingredient supplier’s latest creations include Cacio e Pepe chips, which were inspired by a simple Italian pasta recipe — flavored with Pecorino Romano cheese and black pepper — which is currently trending after the viral release of content creator Gabby Eniclerico’s TikTok video that failed to properly pronounce Trader Joe’s to replicate this sauce.

Other Ingredion prototypes include a blueberry-ginger refreshing, gelatin-free and sugar-free “Swicy” (sweet and spicy) gum. Potato chips are a vegan “cheese” snack–without gluten-containing ingredients–designed to impart the authentic taste and texture of sliced ​​cheese.

The wafer is a blend of Ingredion’s Vitessence Prista P 360 faba protein concentrate, Precisa 604 Modified Potato Starch, National Modified 7 Tapioca Starch, N-Creamer 2000 Modified Food Starch and the Ticaloid 620 ingredient system that creates the firmness in a vegan cheese product.

This vegan cheese product is made with Bell’s Homecraft Prista P101 pea flour, Precisa Crisp 151 modified food starch and Homecraft, resulting in the desired crunchy texture.

In the beverage segment, Bell introduced a refreshing blue ginger made without sugar and fortified with protein. Here, Ingredion uses the Purecircle Sigma B5 sweetener system to provide clean sweetness without added sugar, while Purecircle Natural Flavors enhance the berry flavors and pre-sweetness.

In Bell’s Activate Blue Ginger, our soluble, animal-free egg white protein provides a protein boost without contributing any flavor while Kerr by Ingredion’s Blueberry Pressed NFC juice (not concentrate) delivers a distinct flavor.

Sugar-free gelatin dessert “Swicy” is sweet, spicy and smooth to the touch. Here, Ingredion uses a blend of Astraea liquid allulose, Maltisweet CM40 crystal maltitol and Maltisweet B maltitol syrup to accomplish a significant sugar reduction, while Tic Pretested Pectin 1400 is used to replace gelatin and create a smooth, flexible texture.

Florida Food Products has been featured with Hibiscus and Zero Gas Aging Solution.trending botanical flavors
Florida Food Products Specialty Clean Foods (FFP) has created a menu inspired by vegetarian tastes that feature “snap fresh berries over a traditional margarita.” The drink features FFP’s fermented beet juice that is in line with the consumer’s focus on gut health.

To address the alcohol-reducing trend, the supplier has formulated a zero-resistance hibiscus and elderflower soft drink, which offers a “complex alcohol-like experience” without the actual alcohol. This drink features Real Brewed Hibiscus extract from FFP to give it a “herbal look” and an attractive red color.

Other drink options included our hydrating pineapple blend and energy drink mix—which features natural fruit flavors and natural caffeine from green tea extract—plus salted caramel, with a vegan latte, with a rich coffee taste balanced with creamy caramel notes from Flash FFP’s coffee and caramel flavor combination.

At the Salty Arena, FFP has sampled thyme-flavored nuts, made using an herbal blend traditionally made up of thyme, toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, and salt, as well as other spices.

“Middle Eastern and Mediterranean herbal flavors meet in these delicious and spiced nuts, with hints of woody, tangy and citrusy, along with a rich, nutty sesame flavor,” the company envisions.

Christopher Nice, Vice President of Business Development and Sustainability, FFP commented.

In other IFT FIRST coverage, food ingredients Reported straight from the show floor on the rising star of pulses in the vegan recipes of major suppliers including Beneo, A & B Ingredients, and ChickP.

By Benjamin Ferrer

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