Florida Donut Shop Now in Austin, they’re making a name for themselves in Southern Congress

One of Florida’s favorite restaurants has recently made its way to the Southern Congress: Salty Donut opened in August and has been a huge hit in Austin ever since. Originally from Miami, they branched out to Orlando, Austin, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Salty has unique flavors like prickly pear margarita, bacon, maple, and horchata. Most of their cakes are made with brioche bread, but they also sell cakes. They recently added “star dulce de leche churro” as a flavor of the year, which is a star-shaped donut churro stuffed with dulce de leche cream.

Salty brings so many delicious flavors to cake, and always makes sure it looks as good as it tastes. (Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views)

In addition to these year-round cakes, they constantly introduce new seasonal flavors. They recently added a blueberry coffee cake donut, a blueberry and vanilla donut cake with raspberry jam, as their latest seasonal flavor. Previous seasonal flavors have included avocado, pumpkin spice cookie butter, and corn kernel milk.

An avogato donut is the perfect blend of cream and coffee, and it’s as amazing in donut form as it is in drink form. (Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views)

Salty also treats his clients on special occasions. For this year’s Mardis Gras, serve the Baguette Cinnamon Brioche King Cake with cream cheese glaze. They also sold Fruity Pebbles and cornflake mini doughnuts for National Cereal Day in March.

Using brioche for most cakes is a different approach than what you’ve seen in donut shops in the past. Most stores in my experience have used cake or other dough. This might be something that drives some people away, but I find it increases the moisture of the buns. The use of brioche also makes the cakes less heavy in substance. Some cakes are made with cake, but brioche adds a different flavor and texture which is a good break from traditional cakes.

Don’t let these descriptions give the impression that The Salty is all about cake. They also have a variety of delicious drinks. Their coffee options include Cinnamon Milk Latte, Salted Caramel Vanilla Latte, and Iced Maple Brown Sugar Cold Drink, all served hot or iced. They also recently added a blueberry lemonade to perfectly match the warm weather.

Right in the middle of South Congress, The Salty is great for a morning coffee and doughnut or a sweet snack during the afternoon or early evening. It doesn’t just have to be a breakfast spot, the outside patio is a great place to hang out with friends, family, or pets.

After The Salty made his way to Austin, it’s hard to see how we went without him for so long. Their unique flavors and ever-changing menu keep customers coming back, and it is certainly clear how they have managed to expand across the country.

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