Florida’s 100 best restaurants include Yelp Sarasota and Bradenton BBQ

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Yelp, the site that features mass reviews by anonymous users who may own the same place they’re reviewing. Or maybe they were kicked out of the restaurant for a heinous crime against food or humanity. But, yeah, like everyone else who enjoys eating out, I sometimes look at Yelp.

And I was thrilled to see that when Yelp unveiled its first-ever list of Florida’s best restaurants, we put seven on its 100-restaurant list. My colleague Jimmy Geurts pointed out that our high-profile business in Sarasota ranked 22nd and Bradenton Restaurant 41st. Venice, Northern Harbor and Osprey also took places in the top 100.

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Château 13 in downtown Bradenton was one of seven Sarasota-Manatee businesses to make Yelp's list of Florida's 100 Best Restaurants of All Time.

And while Yelp was putting together its menu, I was making another one of my own, once again to celebrate one of my favorite foods. I crave quality barbecue on an almost daily basis and know I’m not alone in my love of smoked meats and soul-soothing side dishes. So, after months of hard research, I wrote about my favorite restaurants and food truck for the best barbecue in Sarasota and Bradenton.

And to be honest, I have no idea what kind of reviews these places have received on Yelp, none of which made it into their top 100 list. However, I look at the comments on my stories and read your emails, and I’m excited to check out your recommendations for local barbecue joints.

Yokoso Ramen, which will open in July, is located at 3422 Clark Road in Sarasota.

As for the upcoming restaurant opening, our subscribers (including me) are excited about Yokoso Ramen, who is preparing to welcome guests at his storefront on Clark Road in Sarasota. My colleague Max Rego reports that eight specialties of ramen will be featured on the menu, and I think trying them all would be a great way to spend an evening or two.

The weekly restaurant health inspection report is so popular with subscribers that on Tuesday it found 11 restaurants in Sarasota and Manatee receiving high-priority violations while six local businesses excelled in their inspections. Looking for more depth in restaurant inspections? Here is the link to our digital databases for Sarasota and Manati.

Jerry Seinfeld, seen here performing in 2018, returns to Van Wesel from Sarasota on September 30.

And what about things to do, which don’t necessarily include eating? Be sure to check out the Top 5. This weekend, you’ll find free, fun, outdoor events on the water in downtown Sarasota with more in the North Port and Venice; In addition to indoor activities, because the summer heat is definitely here.

Looking ahead, be sure to read Geurts’ story about the biggest concerts and comedy shows coming to Tampa Bay and Sarasota from July to September. These include rap and pop stars The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and Lizzo, as well as rock legends such as Santana and Rod Stewart; Plus comedy greats like Jerry Seinfeld, who returned to Van Wesel from Sarasota on September 30.

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