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Bengaluru: Yusra Mofeed decorates her home with lights and lanterns every Eid al-Adha, also known as Packard, to make it Instagram worthy and this year is no different. Psychology student loves DIY decor and has been doing it for years now. “I create wall hangings and decorate the living room. This year, the theme is gold and black. My mum has been decorating our house all these years, and now I’m preparing,” says Mofid. Not only the decor, but the sweets make the day special, too.

In addition to shirkarma, Moufid prepares exotic sweets such as baklava and kunafa. “This Eid, I prepare a delicious Middle Eastern dish called Basbousa. I learned the recipe from YouTube videos and made it twice before Eid. Like Mofid, Muhammad Jami is eagerly looking forward to the festival, where he will meet his friends and extended family.

“After the dawn prayer and lunch, we head out with sweets to meet our relatives or bring sweets. It is special because it is a celebration of the completion of the Hajj and the commemoration of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim,” says the IT expert. For Zuhen Hussain, the excitement begins a week before Eid.

“One of our most important traditions is exchanging gifts. The intention is to make it private for each family member. About 10 days before Eid, my husband and I make a list of what to buy for whom, from my little girl to our grandparents,” says Hussain, a home teacher . Although the process is fun, a lot of things go into buying the right gifts. What is a festival without any retail therapy? Manzum Fahmy launches Eid preparations with shopping at the top of her list.

“Anarkalis and long suits are back in fashion and almost every store in the city has an impressive variety. I think it looks best in pastel and red shades. My favorite shopping place is Jayanagar as there are plenty of stores to choose from,” says Fahmy, adding that she complements the look. Completely complete with large jhumkas and bangles. Many non-Muslims like Varun Kumar, the guru, also look forward to the festival, as they love the festive feel. “During Eid, the whole city is lit up and cheerful. There are also food stalls with a variety of delicacies. My friends who celebrate invite me to lunch.” “The warmth and joy are incomparable,” one foodie stated.

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