“Friday the 13” fan filmmaker wants to bring more movies to the region

Westport – Over the past 20 years, Vincente DeSanti has gone from Standard Times Athlete of the Year 2002 to the title “Mr. Friday the 13th” for his fan thriller Don’t Walk Alone.

“In sports, I’ve always worn 13 against my football or baseball number…it was all 13,” said DeSanti, 38.

The Westport local said he lived near a pond, which he thought was the perfect hiding place for Jason Voorhees, the killer villain of the “Fridays 13” series. He said, “I loved horror movies. I grew up watching all of Jason’s movies.”

“As I got older, that was what really drove me to want to work in cinema because I just wanted to know how to make these films.”

In 2017, DiSanti attended Worcester State University and majored in TV and Film Production. After graduation, a friend invited him to Los Angeles to help with the visual effects team on the set of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

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“I was getting Chinese food for all the artists who made Brad Pitt look like an 80-year-old,” DeSanti joked.

His goal was to make his way through the industry and eventually stumble upon the “Friday the 13th” project. However, the franchise hit a wall around the same time.

on set "Never walk alone," a "Friday 13" Fan movie.

“It’s been in development for nearly eight years, as they keep canceling movie after movie and getting back to the drawing board,” he said.

So, instead of waiting, DeSanti decided to make his own movie.

Making the movie “Fantastic”

“I kind of got tired of waiting, and I was like, you know, I’m going to have fun and do it myself,” he said.

He set up a production company called Womp Stomp Films and started hanging out with director friends on the weekends, riding a truck on Fridays, driving into the mountains of California, and taking photos and film shoot scenes, with DiSanti wearing his punk Jason Voorhees outfit.

Vincente DeSanti, right, talks with sexy double Jason Brian Forest, left, on set "Never walk alone," a "Friday 13" Fan movie.

Then, the group stumbles across an abandoned camp, as if from a killer movie in the ’80s. “It was a horror movie of its own,” DeSanti said.

“Working as a freelance film director, you don’t get great sets, and you don’t get access to a lot of things.”

He said the place is where the fan movie “Never Hike Alone” was born.

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