Frozen desserts and feasts are easy to find this summer

Summer and exquisite sweets are synonymous in our family. In fact, sweet candy and summer went hand in hand in my family well before we even added the kids to the mix.

David and I once traveled an hour and a half to get a scoop of ice cream because we had heard that this particular store was the #1 rated ice cream shop in the nation. Fast forward two decades later and this will be a totally unnecessary trip as Hillard residents. In fact, Hilliard would be a very nice destination for a family hoping to sample a variety of ice cream and frozen desserts.

What would this sample look like? It will start with what should be every morning – coffee. We have three local coffee shops within our city limits: REV Coffee House on Cemetery Road, Coffee Connections on Main Street and New Grounds Coffee House on Scioto Darby. All three serve amazing frozen coffee drinks, as well as some frozen and cold drinks with no coffee at all. Each shop has its own character and offers indoor seating. But on a nice day, I recommend enjoying your frozen coffee with some time to contemplate First Responders Park in Old Hilliard.

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