Gary Brown: sings songs about America

What patriotic song do you have in your head when you think of the Fourth of July?

According to, the #1 most played song on the Fourth of July is “America The Beautiful” as sung by Ray Charles.

“Oh beautiful of the vast heavens,

For amber waves of grain,

“For the majesty of the purple mountain

“Above the fruitful plain!”

Now try to get the red, white and blue earworm out of your head before Labor Day.

Some might remember the version of singer Jhene Aiko sung recently at Super Bowl LVI, and a few of us older folks might insist that the more famous version was sung by Kate Smith.

Sorry for that last guess, my old friends and colleagues. Kate Smith used to sing “God Bless America”. It’s a great song too, probably very popular on the Fourth of July, but it’s a completely different set of songs.

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