Gemma Chan originated a major role in Mr. Malcolm’s roster, but that’s the main reason for her replacement

Mr. Malcolm’s List It is the latest Regency novel to fascinate fans of the genre. But there is a major actress who has shied away from wearing a corset and joining some social immorality: Gemma Chan. The British actress has been really making a name for herself in recent years Roles in films like Crazy Rich Asians And the Raya and the last dragonAnd while she was playing a role, we finally got to know why she wasn’t participating Mr. Malcolm’s List.

When Limit announce Mr. Malcolm’s List In 2019, Gemma Chan was cast as the lead in the film alongside Freida Pinto, the latter of which ended up starring in romance Selena Dalton. However, Zawe Ashton ended up replacing Chan. When CinemaBlend spoke to film director Emma Holly Jones, she said this:

She is a dear and dear friend of mine, and she has never been involved in this feature. She was a little busy making a fairly big movie called Eternals. She is a good friend of Sope and a good friend of Zawe. She was short and that was it. There was actually another actor before Zawe came along and we lost that actress two weeks before filming started. So Zawi Ashton is the real savior of our movie and I think oh my gosh, did we get the perfect Julia in the end.

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