Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker directs inaccurate “bad air” theory of climate change

US Senate Republican candidate Herschel Walker at the NASCAR race on July 10 in Hampton, Georgia. Photography by James Gilbert via Getty Images.

But Walker’s description of how this international transportation works is wrong, because the US does not “clean” the air as actively as a filter, and “bad” air does not move to replace “good” air or vice versa. Strong global winds called “westerly” are why air pollutants in China and other parts of Asia are making their way into the United States. The air in general in the United States is cleaner than in China because the pollution stops at the source and is not released first. The place, in large part because of the regulations it imposes Clean Air Act.

“The way countries and regions improve air quality is by reducing emissions of standard pollutants,” such as those identifier Under the Clean Air Act, Stephen J Davisprofessor of Earth system sciences at the University of California, Irvine, told us in an email.

Davis is co-author of the study published In PNAS found in 2006 that up to 12% to 24% of sulfate pollution in the western United States was due to export-related Chinese air pollution. “There can be inter-regional transmission of air pollution over long distances, but air pollution does not replace clean air,” he added. “It’s like urine in a pool: it dissipates and becomes less focused on the dimensions of time and space, but no one is better off because of it.”

In any case, Walker drew on climate change and the Green New Deal, the main goal of which is to bring net greenhouse gas emissions to zero within a decade, in his description – not traditional air pollutants. (Green New Deal, as we did written, is a non-binding resolution introduced in Congress in 2019 that lays out a broad vision for how the country will tackle climate change over the next decade. He. She did not progress outside the Senate.)

From this perspective, Walker’s description is also incorrect. Greenhouse gases which included Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other fluorinated gases accumulate in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, which trap heat from the sun and heating up the planet.

“Each of these gases can remain in the atmosphere for different lengths of time, ranging from a few years to thousands of years,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency. explained. “All of these gases remain in the atmosphere long enough to mix well, which means that the amount measured in the atmosphere is about the same worldwide, regardless of the source of the emissions.”

“There can be enhanced concentrations near point sources and urban areas, but atmospheric CO2 levels over the United States are not fundamentally different from those in China,” Davis said in an email, referring to carbon dioxide. He noted that in April 2020, carbon dioxide levels were above China and the United States inside Three to four parts per million from each other.

In other words, there is no American “good air” or Chinese “bad air.” When it comes to greenhouse gases, everyone shares ‘air’ – and the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere he is increasing. This raises the global average temperature, which is also Causing Other effectssuch as rising sea levels, melting ice, and more severe weather.

About 40% of carbon dioxide emissions remain in the atmosphere, according to To the University Foundation for Atmospheric Research, while plants absorb 30% through photosynthesis, and another 30% is absorbed by the ocean. Excess carbon dioxide in the oceans is causing ocean acidification, which can negatively affect marine organisms and ecosystems, as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has done explained.

The Walker campaign did not respond to our request for comment, but did Release a permit next Cash From his statements that attacked his opponent, Warnock. The statement claimed that Walker “called for China to be the world’s number one polluter,” although Walker did not explicitly do so.

At the same event, Walker too claimed, without evidence, that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was “created by China”. as we are writtenWhile the origin of the virus remains unknown, there is no evidence that the virus has leaked from a laboratory, and some experts say it is nearly impossible for the virus to have been bioengineered.

according to Reports By Georgia Public Broadcasting, Walker’s inaccurate remarks about pollution are repeated in various forms and are part of his radical discourse.

“No matter how much money we put in to control our air, it goes to China or somewhere else, and it spoils it,” Walker said at a party in Statesboro, Georgia, in May. “Suddenly, she’s back here.”

As we’ve demonstrated, whether it’s referring to standard standards for air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions, that’s not how air pollution works — and reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be beneficial to both the United States and the global community.

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