Gilbert’s Kazu Ramen serves up great ramen meals and Japanese snacks

I dipped my spoon in a matte red pepper broth, pulled out a perfectly soft boiled egg and thought – this is absolutely amazing ramen.

I was at Kazu R, which opened in February in a small Gilbert storefront inside a sprawling shopping mall filled with The usual suspects, like Trader Joe and Cold Stone Creamery.

Like most great ramen shops, the menu at Kazu is small, with five different types of ramen, including exceptionally clear chicken-based ramen, plus some bowls of donburi rice and a short list of sushi and appetizers. The dining room is plain and simple, so as not to be distracted by the intricacies of the exciting Japanese noodle soup in front of you.

I enjoyed tonkotsu, a strong ramen from pork brothAnd the Often during a casual dinner with a friend, I had to take a return trip to try more.

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