Good artesian good! – the trip

We wake up at 5 a.m. to try and get miles before the heat starts. We walk at 5:40 through the woods and then open the fields. The grass is wet from dew and my socks are damp but I know it will dry out in no time on the road.

We walk along the cornfields. Lots of corn fields. And maybe some soybeans, too. It’s sunny and exposed but the temperature isn’t too bad yet. We try to drink enough but not too much because we don’t want to run out. We meet four hikers at the Ice Age Trail and have a nice chat. They are going in the opposite direction so we say goodbye and move on.

Hope to have a nice break in the next creek. There is a bit of a trail and we are excited to get out of the way and into the woods. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay long. We’re soon on a grassy path out in the open. the bread. The grass is mowed but the weeds are not removed so we plow it. Sandals and stockings are not entertaining. It is going slowly.

Finally we got to the water and Greenleaf filled up a few bottles. I find a shady spot to sit and when Greenleaf approaches he notices something he doesn’t tell me what. until he leaves. There was a garter snake crossing right in front of my feet. I’ve never seen him. I would scream like I always do when I see a snake.

Feeling a bit cold we continue and soon get back on the road. There is an artesian well in our future and we are excited to get there but I need another break in the shade and something to eat. We are wandering in the fields on a small road. A big tractor is passing us by and it smells like cow dirt. Yak! We find a small spot of shade and sit down.

Two more miles to get us to the well and the water is amazing. It flows from the tube. Cool and heavenly. We both dip our heads under it and it feels so good!

There is a picnic shelter with a concrete floor and we put our pillows outside for a long break. We have been drinking but sweating a lot still not as hydrated as it should be. We drink as much as we can, adding water tablets. It should help.

Many people stop by to fill their water jugs. It is a popular spot.

The bird on the rooftop of the shelter doesn’t seem happy we’re there but we promise we’ll be leaving soon. We do it. The sun is starting to interfere with our shade and it’s very hot even in our sheltered spot. time to move on!

A short walk away we finally come to a wooden trail and can say goodbye to long walks on the road for a while. Go green apple team!!

The driveway is nice and it’s cooler in the trees. Hello!! 90 d more

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