Good Luck Jerry Trailer Teases Janhvi Kapoor’s Offbeat Crime Comedy

Disney + Hotstar recently released the first trailer for the upcoming Indian black comedy Good luck Jerrychampionship January Kapoor As a docile but brave girl who gets involved in a drug smuggling operation. The movie is also from the stars Deepak DobrialAnd the deadAnd the Neeraj Soud And the susant singh.

The trailer begins with large, bold letters declaring that we are in the northern Indian state of Punjab. The huge agricultural country, known as the “breadbasket of India” due to its large wheat production, is also a notorious center for the illegal drug trade. A few years ago, another crime comedy, Udta PunjabShe had problems with the local government for representing the state as a center for drug abuse. By the way, she played one of the main characters in that movie Alia BhattAn immigrant from Bihar, in eastern India.

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Jerry, the protagonist in this movie, happens to be “Bihari”. She finds herself in the middle of a basically foreign culture, with no father, a sick mother at home, and a little sister to take care of. With her back against the wall, she decides to join a local drug gang, and become a bit of a mule. They stuff contraband inside momo, a popular dumpling-style food that originated in neighboring Tibet and Nepal, but is popular throughout India. She gets away mostly because of her unassuming looks, but eventually gets sniffed out and caught up in guerrilla warfare. The trailer highlights the film’s offbeat tone, which blends comedy about fish out of water with old Indian melodrama and gritty crime. Jerry ends up harassing turning the tables on the men who have been shooting up until now.

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Good luck Jerry Seems to be a creative transformation of Kapoor, daughter of the late screen legend Sridevi and film producer Bonnie Kapoor. In her short career, she has earned a reputation as a Generation Z streaming star, having appeared in Netflix projects ghost stories And the Junjan Saxena: Kargil Girl. This is her first Disney + Hotstar project. But it is the second time that the product Anand L Rai It has teamed up with Streaming Device, a subsidiary of Disney+ that operates in Southeast Asian territories. get out earlier Atrangy Ri For Disney + Hotstar last year.

Ray revealed that he was delighted to collaborate with Gassler on such a “unique” movie. In his words:

“In Good Luck Jerry, we have created a unique synergy of moral dilemmas and life constraints surrounding the turbulent life of an ordinary man. Viewers can expect an array of comedy and drama through different aspects of this film. I am pleased to embark on this journey with Disney + Hotstar to deliver Jerry’s thrilling story and funny to the audience.

Directed by Siddharth SinghAnd the Good luck Jerry It is scheduled to release on July 29 on Disney+ Hotstar. You can watch the trailer here, and read the official synopsis of the movie below:

GoodLuck Jerry presents a tense stormy journey of a troubled family, drug mafia, multiple lovers, and the police, a deception for the survival of the most intelligent when pushed against the wall. Here, chaos fades at every turn. The film stars Janhvi Kapoor as a docile yet brave character alongside a stellar cast, including Deepak Dobrial, Metta Vashcht, Neeraj Sood and Sushant Singh.

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