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Over the past week, we’ve had a series of beautiful days. The humidity didn’t kill us and the temperatures are reasonable for July. Violet’s roommate lives in Missouri. They recently spoke and she said it was over 100 degrees for several days there.

I have lived in a vineyard for over 50 years. I bet we didn’t have a few days in the three digits. For all my complaints, I am very grateful for that fact.

Also, the dry days allowed my garlic to cure completely. This was a crop I planted from last season’s bulbs. I’ve done it for three years in a row, but I think I’ll be renewing this fall and asking for new beginnings.

I like to use both the hard neck and soft neck types. Solid petioles are very easy to make but don’t last all winter, so they need to be used first – and hopefully by Christmas.

Soft petioles can be braided, if you’re too lean, and cut from the braid as needed. I had it until April though it got a little less awesome as the weeks went by.

Onions are usually ready to harvest by August when the tops turn brown and some begin to set. This is for winter storage. Fresh is practically ready to eat a few weeks after planting. Now I have a lot of Ailsa Craig. She becomes so big and so cute. They come from an island off the Scottish coast. For trivia lovers, it’s where the stones used for curling are found.

Since I’m on the topic of alliums, I think I’ve finally discovered leeks. For a few years I started them from seed in January when I started onions. I would instantly forget the rows they were occupying and pull them up and treat them like any other onion.

I put them in the garlic category. Onions should be sown in November with garlic. I think seeded bulbs should be replanted this fall. I wonder why it never occurred to me to look for them somewhere. Living and rarely – if ever – learning is my constant motto.

My usual advice regarding mugwort is to sell the property. This is my story and I stick to it. It is a horrible weed that cannot be controlled. I’ve found that it grows happily under the leftover tarp for years. It was pure white from lack of sun but thriving nonetheless.

I left an area in the vegetable garden uncultivated and unattended, not really by choice but out of time constraints and cheerfulness.

Mugwort is now shoulder high. I know I could be the Queen of Supremacy but seriously this stuff is long!

With my daughter’s help, we tucked it on the floor and covered it with a heavy black plastic rug. I can add that the dust from it sent me into a fit of coughing. Good thing I always have a Covid mask ready.

See how you did it? Folks, we still need those masks indoors!

Marge Greene, a congressman from Georgia, recently commented. Like Tucker Carlson, she simply “asks the questions.” I wondered why the 4th of July shooting happened on MAGA’s holiday and no one launched the Pride parades. I hoped it was so Republicans might be persuaded to support gun control.

So, let’s get this figured out: the right wing now has national holidays and the flag is just as much as they think they have Jesus. What next, apple pie?

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