Great American Recipe takes the idea of ​​”feasts transferred” in the EP. 4

For episode 4 of The Great American Recipe, it was all about creating “moving feasts”. From hand-held plates to picnic plates and tail plates, our chefs have had to get creative with dishes that can escape with them.

And right away, the dishes these chefs discuss (and cook) were enough to get us ready for a gathering of friends for a dinner party. So what are some of the more interesting dishes in the handheld roundup (in our eyes, of course) from The Great American Recipe Episode 4?

First, we had Brian making maple chicken wings with mustard, which sounded like a party on a plate! Then we have Robin, who has been all about giving us her culture in a morsel, which means creating Lamb & Barley Dolmas. Finally, another manual treatment that we wanted to try completely through the screen was Tony’s Korean Beef Quesadillas! (Seriously, can you go wrong with chicken wings and quesadillas?!)

But just because those were the dishes that caught our eye, that doesn’t mean that those were the dishes the rulers shone with. So, which cook made the best handmade foods according to the judges? That would be Robin and Foo (who made the Vietnamese Spring Rolls).

The Great American Recipe takes on the idea of ​​”moved holidays”

Now that handheld processors are out, the second round of the episode is all about al fresco dining. That means whether you’re talking about tailgating, going to the pool, or taking a picnic, these are the dishes that Great American Recipe chefs will have on hand to feed friends and family.

So what dishes caught our eye on this tour?

Mac & Cheese Six Cheese from Brian! We love Mac & Cheese, so this should have been at the top of our list for what we wanted to try. Then there was Nikki who was making grilled chicken legs with different sauces and dips to add different layers of flavor depending on what your taste buds might be interested in. Finally, Pho Vietnamese Beef Noodle Pho had our heart because we love Pho of all kinds. (Tony’s dip in cannoli with homemade pastry chips was definitely an honorable mention. We love cannolis, so that had to be mentioned.)

This time, what dishes caught the judges’ eye? Who made today’s dish? For the dishes that stood out, we had Tony and Sylvia. But the top dish went to Tony with the cannoli sauce! (Our honorable people mentioned his class).

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to get perfect dishes for al fresco dining. And while all the dishes got relatively good reviews, Brian and Nikki were the least successful dishes. (Sad face in two of our selected dishes at the bottom of this tour.)

But in the end, the cook who came home this time was Brian.

What do you think of this episode of The Great American Recipe? What are your thoughts on these “animated holidays?”

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