Greek chopped watermelon salad is a delicious no-cook summer dinner

One of my favorite brunch spots on the planet, Malibu Farm, has a Greek salad on the menu served atop a thick, juicy piece of watermelon. It’s a stunning presentation as beautiful as it is delicious—sweet watermelon turns out to be the perfect chips for the salty olives, salty feta cheese, and summer tomatoes that make up a traditional Greek salad recipe.

I recently hosted a Greek island-inspired bridal shower dinner for our Producer Michelle (coming soon!), and immediately started dreaming of Malibu Farm’s summer spin on the classic salad. Since I wanted to serve everything family-style, I decided to turn those flavors into watermelon section Greek salad. Instead of making individually coated watermelon wedges that require a knife and fork, I cut everything into evenly sized pieces that would create the perfect blend of flavor in every bite. Here’s how it united…

My trick to making the best chopped Greek salad

The secret to the best chopped Greek salad is to cut everything down roughly the same size, so that each fork explodes with salty, sweet and crunchy foods. I love that this uses the classic Greek salad ingredients—tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and olives—and combines them with the surprising addition of watermelon to make this salad feel special and worthy of a summer dinner party.

What do you serve with this chopped Greek salad

This salad is rich enough to be the centerpiece of a light vegetarian dinner. Simply pair it with pita bread and hummus to make it a meal. Or add a protein boost by adding hummus or serve it alongside falafel, grilled chicken or steak.

Because it holds up nicely at the buffet (see notes below), this is the perfect elevated summer salad to bring to a barbecue or a meal because it can hang out at room temperature for a while and only get better.

Leftover notes

Unlike salads that contain leafy greens, this Greek chopped watermelon salad can be put beautifully in the refrigerator. I pack it at Zwilling Fresh & Save and eat it for lunch (with some bread) all week. I’d say he even gets a file a little better When it sits in the refrigerator for some time. Lemon juice and oil, combined with salted olives, give a mild “pickled” flavor to watermelon that’s already addictive.

I hope you love this Greek Chopped Watermelon Salad as much as we do! If you do, be sure to leave a comment and tag us on Instagram so we can see your copy.

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