Have we been making pancakes wrong the whole time? Japanese Zen-Noh shares the best technology

Japanese Zen-Noh, also known as the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Group, gave us some great and easy cooking ideas in the past, such as their recipes for cooking rice, bacon, rice, and roasted onions.

But pancakes? Thanks, Zen-Noh, but we think we’ve got this, especially since we’re not so reckless as to insist on making it from scratch. Using a store-bought mix, all we have to do is pour the mixture into a bowl, add milk, crack an egg, stir everything, and then grill it with a pan, right?

According to Zen-Noh, that’s only half true. Sure, you can make pancakes as we just described, and Zen-Noh recommends the exact same steps…they don’t recommend them in that order.

January 25 was “Hotcake Day,” one of Japan’s many holidays, and Zen-Noh took the opportunity to remind everyone of the perfect way to make sure the pancakes you’re making look extra fluffy: add the crushed pancake batter last. As shown in the photo series, the organization tweeted, the eggs should go into the bowl first, then the milk. Stir these two ingredients together, then add the pancake mix and stir again to finish the batter you are going to cook.

“For some reason, it’s common to want to add the mixture first, but resist the urge and mix the eggs and milk first!” It’s not hard to imagine why this temptation is so tempting, says Zain Noh. If you start with eggs and milk, you will be pouring the powder into a bowl of liquid, which means more risk of splashing. Stirring the powder more often, though, will reduce the moisture of the mixture during cooking, so by stirring the eggs and milk themselves first, you can reduce the amount of stirring the powder goes through.

Flapjack fans responded to the tweet with 80,000 likes and a promise, and while we already have our own way to make pancakes, we’re glad we got another one.

source: Twitter / @zennoh_food Across Hachima Kiko

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