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SEABROOK – Head to Seabrook this weekend for a plate of fresh Gulf Coast seafood and an iced drink while enjoying a view of the waterfront aboard Barge 295, described as “the only floating bar in Texas that rests on a sandal.”

Grab a seat upstairs or downstairs from a bar and patio, watch the sailing ships of Clear Lake, and order a wide selection of beers and spirits with a specialty at local Texas distilleries and breweries, along with a menu ranging from burgers and steaks to pot Okra and oysters on the half shell, shrimp and tacos.

Live bands perform most days, so musical entertainment is also included.

The sample list here includes:

rocky oysters with grilled shrimp, spinach, bacon, and cream cheese; Castillo oysters with bacon, American cheese, jalapeño slices, and mozzarella cheese; grilled oysters with butter, parmesan cheese, lemon-butter sauce on the side; chips and sauce; Chips and queso. Sautéed green tomato boudin balls on a bed of cilantro and lemon slaw topped with black shrimp, rimola cheese and parmesan cheese; nachos quesadilla; wings; Barge chicken sandwich, fried shrimp and crispy shrimp in sweet and spicy pom-pom sauce.

Barge 295 is located at 2613 1/2 Nasa Parkway in Seabrook, about 35 miles north of Galveston along Interstate 45. Hours are 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday.

Speaking of NASA, how about a visit to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Space Center Houston, all the way along the NASA Parkway and home to the famous Apollo Mission Control Center and the world’s only copy of the Space Shuttle.

All kinds of historical space exhibits and film screenings await visitors to the center, including such things as:

Mars Mission: Enjoy watching a virtual sunset on Mars; Climb into the simulated Orion capsule and enjoy the feel of the rocky cliffs of the red planet; Learn about the requirements for traveling to Mars and how many people may live there in the next few decades; Learn about the goals NASA hopes to achieve in the exploration of Mars, and what the planet can teach us about Earth and the universe; Touch a real rock of Mars and see a group of other rare meteorites.

Independence Square: Visitors can enter a replica of Independence, a replica of the shuttle, mounted atop NASA’s original Shuttle Carrier 905, and then explore the giant plane. This is the only SCA-mounted shuttle that allows the public inside. NASA has flown 905 space shuttles 223 times, totaling 11,017 flight hours over 42 years.

Artemis Gallery: For the first time in more than 50 years, NASA’s Artemis program aims to return humans to the Moon by 2025. This interactive exhibit includes the latest space technology and provides the opportunity to explore the program and get answers to questions from NASA engineers and astronauts.

Spacesuit sets: features Judy Resnick’s T-38 flight suit. On June 28, 1978, Resnick was selected as part of NASA’s first class of astronauts to include women.

She became the second American woman and the first American Jew to enter space as a mission specialist aboard the first flight of Shuttle Discovery on August 30, 1984. Tragically, her second flight into orbit was aboard the ill-fated Challenger mission, in which the shuttle exploded shortly after takeoff. The flight suit shown is the last NASA outfit she wore before the explosion.

The other historic spacesuit in the collection comes from Sally K. Ride, who became the first American woman to reach space on June 18, 1983.

After her time as an astronaut, Dr. Reid pursued a long-standing passion to motivate girls and young women to seek careers in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM) fields.

Starship Gallery: Home to multiple spacecraft and other precious artifacts that track the progress of human space exploration. Watch the Apollo 17 Command Module, a full-size Skylab training unit, even touch the moon rock.

For more information on visiting NASA’s Space Center in Houston, go to spacecenter.org.

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