Heather Ray Young and Tarek El Moussa Dinner: No phones!

Heather Ray Young recently had a wonderful dinner with her beloved husband Tarek El Moussa and some friends without using their phones.

She updated fans about the wonderful evening with beautiful pictures And a detailed message explaining how great a “luxury without phones” dinner would be.

Heather Rae Young says the No Phones Dinner is her new favorite


The 34-year-old was dressed up for a picnic alongside her friends, who looked just as stunning as she did in elegant dresses.

She shared three photos of herself with four friends, including Casey Beau Brown, Leyla Milani-Khoshbin, Mindy Stearns, and Heather Dubrow, all with “glamorous gowns,” gorgeous hairstyles, and confident smiles.

The first shot was of women sitting in a decorated interior, standing elegantly. Meanwhile, the following photo showed them standing outdoors with some supporting the camera slightly and others facing it.

Heather can be seen looking radiant in her shiny, flowing strapless silver dress with her back slightly towards the camera and a huge smile on her pretty face.

Her latest photo included female partners, as they appeared to be more graceful than ever and standing close to their loved ones. The men wore elegant trousers, dinner jackets, and elegant undershirts. Heather wrote below the post:

“Viewpoint: I’ve been invited out to dinner with great friends, you’re all dressed in pretty sparkling dresses, and no phones are allowed at the dinner table, so you can all focus on great communication and conversation.”

She added that the group had “fresh home made food together” and thought this type of dinner was her “new favorite.”

The September-born made sure to show his gratitude to the hosts, Mindy and Glenn Stearns, by giving them a shout out for organizing “such a perfect dinner.”

Then she ended her comment with a question for her fans, asking: “What do you guys think, are you going to have a fancy dinner that is not allowed using phones with your friend group??”

Her fans noticed that the dinner he said sounded great, and one fan noted that it was scary how people “lose deep connections” because of their phones.

Several others flocked to the post, including Tariq, who was among the early commenters and commented with a bunch of love and fire emojis.

The couple has always been one for open romance, and they recently celebrated the third anniversary of their first meeting by posting exciting information about their fantasy relationship and honoring each other.

Share it blast They first met a few years before their wedding last October and during a Fourth of July celebration.

As for the tribute, Tariq admitted he’d always loved the holiday, but meeting Heather around the same time three years ago gave the day new meaning.

It was love at first sight for him when he first saw the California-born actress while on boating, one of his favorite holiday activities.

The real estate investor joked about his “crazy” reaction to Heather’s beauty but knew she was the “woman of his dreams.”

Heather Ray Young and Tarek El Moussa dazzle in a Hollywood-style wedding

Then conclude the beautiful tribute with, “So, happy first day, I met you @heaterraeyoung and happy 4th of July everyone [red, white, and blue heart emojis]. “

At the same time, Heather praised Tariq and remembered their first meeting, calling it “really one of the best days” in her life.

Celebrating six months of marital bliss

Earlier in April, The Blast She stated that Heather and Tariq celebrated their six-month wedding anniversary while honoring the California-born investor’s wife on this occasion via social media.

She shared some shots on Instagram With a video clip showing unseen content from their wedding and announcing that she is falling in love with the 40-year-old every day.

Heather appreciated Tarek for making her feel like a princess every day and “dance all her life”. She added that the couple used to kiss a thousand times a day because they always wanted to kiss each other even when they didn’t mean to.

Ahead of the anniversary honor, the beloved duo got inked matching their wedding date “10.23.2021,” showing just how deep their love goes.

They also added their initials, with Heather getting a tattoo of “TEM” representing Tarek and her husband in “HEM” ink symbolizing her.

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