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We’ve created a map of filming locations that make a great road trip across the state. Click here for the live map. Things to take into account:

  • This map does not include every location filmed for viewing but some additional locations not on the map are described in the list below.
  • Few of the places on the list are privately owned homes without trespassing. View the houses from the street only.
  • Please check the integrity of the sites before visiting. Some places are located in ramshackle areas surrounding Metro Atlanta. Some buildings are deserted. Listing them is not a guarantee that they are safe.
  • Be polite about the work in progress in some of the buildings.

Thomas200 | Wikimedia Commons

so let’s go!

Gwinnett Place Mall At 2100 Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth serves as the Starcourt Mall on display.

A scene from the movie Stranger Things

Netflix | AP File Photo via

Used exterior designs for three homes in East Point, Ga. , as the homes of the characters in the series: 2530 Penny Wood Lane It is Wheeler’s house and 2550 Penny Wood Lane It is Sinclair’s home. Houses on V Street are not shown on the map 2886 Penny Wood Drive, which served as the home of Henderson, and 2980 Penny Wood DriveWhich was the home of Holland. The interior scenes were filmed in a studio in Atlanta. private homes. By car only.

While in East Point, stop by First Baptist Church at East Point at 2813 East Point Road, which served as Hawkins General Hospital and the Old Library of 2777 McGee Way, which served as an internal library for the Hawkins Library (not included on the map).

Old Town Hall At 8485 Courthouse Square in Douglasville serves as the interior and exterior of the Hawkins Police Station.

The building is at 6501 Church Street In Douglasville it serves as a lane.

Neighboring cemetery Bethany United Methodist Church At 607 Rivers Road in Fayetteville, it served as the site of the fake funeral for Will Byers in season one.

home in 8253 Carlton Road Riverdale serves as the interior and exterior design of the Harrington home. private house. By car only.

Abandoned high school At 109 South Lee Street in Stockbridge, it operates as Hawkins Middle Schools and Hawkins High Schools.

Smokin’ Cues Facebook Page

Smokin’ cues The pool hall at 112 North Berry Street in Stockbridge was the Hideaway Restaurant (where Hopper confronts Trooper O’Bannon about finding Will’s body).

Downtown Jackson, Ja. , as downtown Hawkins, Indiana shown on the map is Probate Court of Potts County on 25 Third Street, which serves as the Hawkins Public Library. There are two specific areas not shown on the map: Drug Jackson, 4 nd you’ll seet, which serves as Melvald’s general store where Joyce operates; And an antique furniture store in 2 North Oak Streetwho works as a theater hook.

Georgia International Horse Park in 1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway in Conyers filming some scenes in the woods.

Stone Mountain Park

Ron Reitzman | Wikimedia Commons

Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain was used to film scenes of children walking in the woods on train tracks. While you are in Stone Mountain, visit 5280 More Street, which serves as Hargrove House (not shown on the map). Interior scenes were filmed in the studio. private house; By car only.

A scene from Season 1 of “Stranger Things”

Curtis Becker | Netflix | TNS via

Other locations not listed on our map:

  • Briarcliffe Campus From Emory University in Atlanta, former Georgia Institute of Mental Health served as Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Big Bradley Buy At 504 Center Street in Palmetto, Bradley’s Big Bay worked.
  • Bellwood quarry In Atlanta he served in the Sattler Quarry.
  • In the Tucker TownStreets have been used to photograph children during bike chases, including Joppa Lane and Sarahs Lane.

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