Here’s How You Can Get $500 Dinner

Has the winter weather made your love life a little sluggish? The key to reigniting this fire is to stand up to the cold to hit one of Brisbane’s many raucous nightlife. Whether you’re sharing a seafood platter for two, wandering the markets in search of hidden gems or bonding over new skills acquired, we’ve got your next appointment.

The best way to light a cracked fire is to use a little gas, so we cooperated with him Gasworks is pumping a little heat back into your love life this winter. And to really set the temperature, Gasworks gives you the chance to win a $500 dining experience for two. To feel the love and be entered into the draw to win, just head over here and follow the instructions.

Read on for our best deals for a fun night out with the first person.

Seafood feasts and night caps to set the scenes

Let’s start with the classic date night to warm your stomach and soul – the Reef Seafood Feast. Reef Seafood & Sushi is known for taking the humble seafood platter to a whole new level, piling it high with all the fresh seafood hot and cold. Once you’ve been stuffed with satisfyingly grilled lobster, Queensland swordfish, and the special reef collection, featuring miso scallops, chili and Morton Bay garlic, head around the corner to Mecca Bah for a sophisticated night brew. Cocktail, or the Marrakesh kiss to set the mood.

Put your brain together in Trivia

Trivia is the perfect date night, especially for new couples. Not only will it stimulate your mind and give you something to focus on other than your first date anxiety, but it’s also a deceptive compatibility test. Get a comprehensive view of your history interests and competitive nature in Botanical Trivia Night. While you’re there, take the opportunity to wow your date with the legendary baked Camembert with garlic confit and sourdough bread. If cheese isn’t the answer you’re after, Botany’s menu is designed to share with plates large and small, so you’re bound to find delicious common ground.

Matte Diet de Dumpling

Mecca bah dumplings lecture

Who said that date night is limited to only two people? Gather your top ten friends and share a profile Presentation of pancakes in Mecca Bah. You will learn how to make delicious dumplings from scratch while sipping fizz. The best part? You can sit back and enjoy every dumpling you make with your favorite people at the end of the workshop.

Indulge in the daytime hours of the markets

Want to carve out some time for #1 during daylight hours? Grab caffeine and curiosity at Gasworks Markets this Saturday. Once a month, The Market Folk takes over the patio under the gas gauge, attracting all the local shoppers and dogs. Browse the stalls and support the local makers before breakfast or lunch at Noise while watching the crowds roam.

Stack your plates high on the sushi train

Wara Sushi

If your perfect date night is all about good food and spontaneity, head to Wara sushi. This date night spot is perfect for first dates as you can call it an early finish or pull it out for as long as you like. From your sushi train classics of mini avocado rolls and nigiri tempura to Japanese curry and ramen, Warra Sushi has it all. Whether you’re on a first date, on the honeymoon phase, or in the case of a couple, a little friendly competition never stops spice up the dynamic. Dive into the Champion Champion Challenge to see who can achieve the highest scorecard and get the title of Sushi Smasher.

Skip straight to dessert

Milky Lynn Martini

Does this all sound too tasty to you? Satisfy your sweet tooth and date at Milky Lane. Decorated with folk street art, this place is famous for its burgers and unbelievable dessert menu. From donut churro fries to golden fried Gates plus an extensive cocktail list that includes the legendary Reese’s Peanut Butter Martini, this is it. The right place to get drunk.

Looking for more date ideas to light up your winter nights? paying off Gaswork’s full destination options and book your next night out here.

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