‘Heroic’ Indiana man, 25, runs into burning house to rescue 5 kids trapped inside

https://twitter.com/LafayetteINPD/status/1547928731968122881?s=20&t=PSU5yQzV_nDh_PcV0-Kp7Q Here’s the video that goes with the story; https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5449247251803527&set=pcb.5449247578470161

Lafayette Police Department; Lindsey Nicholl

An Indiana man was injured this week after rescuing five children from a burning house.

Nicholas Bostick, a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver from Lafayette, suffered severe smoke inhalation and injured his arm after he jumped from a second-floor window of a burning home with a 6-year-old during a rescue on Monday, according to The British Guardian. a Release from LPD. The child was “miraculously mostly unharmed”.

He recounted that the authorities entered the house through the back door after he passed by and noticed the flames around midnight. His shouts woke the four children, ages 1 to 18, sleeping upstairs, before helping them out.

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Bostick alerted the children that a 6-year-old might still be inside, and ran back “without hesitation” back to the upstairs bedroom, according to the statement. When he couldn’t find anyone, he started looking for a way out before he heard crying coming from the basement.

Bostick wrapped his shirt around his mouth and nose as he braved a “black lake” of smoke in the stairwell to retrieve the child. Since he couldn’t find the door he used through thick smoke, they went back upstairs where Bostick broke through the window before jumping to the floor making sure the kid landed safely, LPD reported.

in Bodhikam shots With the participation of LPD, Bostick can be seen carrying the child from the side of the burning house and handing him to first responders before paramedics direct him into a nearby park.

“Is the baby okay? Please tell me the baby is okay,” he can be heard pleading, as officials assured him that the baby was unharmed. One of the paramedics told him, “You did a good job, dude.”

Bostick was taken to a hospital in Indianapolis, where he was treated until his release on Wednesday. “We are going home!!” Bostick’s girlfriend, Kara Lewis, captioned a Facebook photo of him smiling in a hospital gown.

“Nicolas Bostic’s actions saved lives. His selflessness during this incident is inspiring and has impressed many with his courage, perseverance and unwavering calm in the face of such perilous peril. The Lafayette Police Department and Honorable Mayor Tony Roswarsky are eternally grateful for Nicholas’ intervention and would like to acknowledge him publicly on his actions,” LPD shared on statement.

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Bostick will be honored on August 2 at the National Lafayette Flyers Night. Supporters can use code FUND2022 for $2 to donate $4 to Bostic’s GoFundMe campaign, or they can contribute to a Facebook fundraiser to help cover the cost of his medical bills.

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