High gas prices forced Miners to change its overseas plans this summer

With the entertainment season in full swing, many Maine residents and tourists are determined to do whatever it takes to enjoy the great outdoors.

But this year, some simply can’t.

Hikers, anglers, all-terrain vehicle operators, campers, boaters and other recreational enthusiasts are eager to hit the trails and water, but not everyone can afford the high costs associated with gas and travel. Some entertainment enthusiasts give up their activities altogether, while others make concessions to save money.

“Stay at home. Enjoy our backyard. Refuse to pay these prices,” said Kim Goudreau from Lebanon.

“I’m really more concerned about heating my house this winter than the price of gas today,” said Steve Yenko of Lisbon Falls. “I could have cut back on trips to save money on gas. I can’t really cut back on my heating.”

According to AAA.com, the average price of regular gas in Maine on Thursday was $4.99 a gallon. That’s 13 cents more than the national average of $4.86.

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