Honoring an essential component of New York State’s economy as a ‘historic act’

The long-running business in which all New Yorkers spent their money was recently honored as a “historic business.”

Stewart Stores is part of the inaugural chapter of the new Historic Business Preservation Registry. The program aims to identify well-known local businesses that are at least 50 years old and have a tangible impact in the state.

“Stewart Stores is honored to receive this honor. We are proud to have served our communities for the past 77 years.” – Gary Dick, President of Stewart Stores

Stewart’s as we know it today began as a humble ice cream shop in Ballston Spa, New York. Its roots go back way before that, but it was ice cream that put Stewart’s on the map. Post-WWII New Yorkers flocked to Stewart’s to sample its delicious wares, which were also served in paper boxes to make traveling home even easier.

Stewart Stores via Facebook

Stewart Stores via Facebook

Stewart eventually expanded to include gas and general convenience items, but ice cream remains the backbone of the business to this day.

Stewart’s employs approximately 5,000 people among corporate offices, manufacturing plants and approximately 350 stores throughout New York State.

The New York State Historic Works Preservation Register was established in 2020 by the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Other local businesses in the inaugural chapter include Curtis Lumber, Telescope Casual Furniture, DeCrescente Distributing, B. Lodge & Co.

Aside from ice cream, Stewart’s can also be commended for its baths. They are still a popular place to defecate during road trips.

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