Hoonigan’s guide to making donuts in your superiors corvette and not firing

Headed up by donut enthusiast Hurt, Hoonigan is introducing a new employee training program to help teach how to do a proper donut drift.

As the internet’s authority on donuts, the media take on Hoonigan has proven time and time again that they were not only among the first to popularize car culture online after the advent of social media, but they are able to maintain their relevance even ten years later.

Hoonigan helping to enter the social media space over the past twelve years is Hertrech Eugene Jr. , also known about Hoonigan as Content Manager. Not only did Hert Hoonigan achieve international fame with his character but his skills behind the wheel as well.

So when it came to Hurt’s concern that a group of Hoonigan employees didn’t know how to do exhaustion — let alone manual drive — he took it upon himself to offer a training program on how to make donuts for the missing flock of Hoonigans at the wrecked Chevrolet C5 Corvette. Choosing the first lucky contestant in the series himself, Hurt introduces us to social media editor Juan. This is the man known around the office who drives a Tesla.

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Can’t be Hoonigan without knowing how to scream

Seemingly a regular lunch break for Juan, Hurt began explaining that they didn’t call him to shoot a Corvette but to finally learn how to drive a guide and try his first ever donut in this staff training video.

So when the class bell at “Hert Knocks School” rings, Juan is pushed into the driver’s seat and given the challenging task of backing out of the garage on his first hand experience. All the YouTube videos in the world couldn’t help Juan after twice stopping the car in reverse and trying to pull forward and straight.

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Smiles per gallon

Once given some cushion for better access to the pedals, Juan not only hung the driveline on the gearshift, but was also able to kick the tail out after popping the clutch, shutting off the gas, and pulling the wheel aside. As we watch his confidence and smile grow, we begin to experience the joy that a simple donut can provide especially when learning how to do it safely.

A few rounds in the “Burnyard” later, the recovered Hoonigan began spinning the Vette like a seasoned pro and became not only the first Hoonigan accepted into Hert’s School of Donuts, but the first to graduate with distinction. Hurt must be proud of his donut dad.

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