Hot dog, apple pie highlight for the Fourth of July

PORT ANGELES Crowds celebrated the Fourth of July in downtown Port Angeles with events that included a hot dog eating contest, an apple pie baking contest, a lawnmower derby, the nationwide touring Beatles named Abby Road, a parade through downtown and a. Fireworks display.

In Sequim, residents attended the annual “A Patriotic 4th of July Concert” by the Sequim City band, listening to music by Buck Ellard and Black Diamond Junction before watching a public fireworks display.

In Forks, Monday was the last four days of Independence Day celebration with a children’s parade, Grand Parade, Demolition Derby, and fireworks among other events.

The Port Angeles Hot Dog Eating Contest, sponsored by the Red Lion Hotel, was held in the Gateway Transit Center suite. The six contestants – four men, a woman and a girl – competed to see who could eat the 12 fastest hot dogs. After it seemed like no one would finish the entire staircase, a deadline was set for 1:40 p.m.

Brandon Elliott of Port Angeles won first place and $100. Richard Wright of Port Angeles finished second and won $50. KT Nall of Port Angeles finished third. Two competitors withdrew.

“Don’t expect to enter a hot dog competition. My best advice is not to eat before him, Elliott said, adding that he had the salad and apple pie before he entered the competition.

After a contestant brought his drink to the table, organizers said that unless everyone could get water, no one could.

As the competition progressed, glasses of water were distributed to all six contestants.

After an audience member shouted, “Let’s make some noise to these people!” The phones started clicking away to record the event.

All competitors slowed down noticeably after a quick start, some more than others.

“We need gobblers!” emcee Chig Martin shouted periodically during the competition while also announcing how many minutes were left.

As the competition continued, two of the contestants withdrew.

After the contest was declared over, Elliott and Wright exchanged a congratulatory hug.

In the apple pie baking competition, Amy Powell of Port Angeles won first place and $250. Xaven and Amaleia McCarty won second place, $150. Victoria Elliott won third place and $100.

Powell said she’s been baking since she was a child and grew up watching a French bread show.

“I’ve never made one that looks like this. I got the recipe from the internet,” she said, adding that she had never entered a baking contest before.

“From the first bite, I knew it was,” said Jeff Tocher, one of the six judges who sampled the 26 pies. They were divided among the judges, who decided that each would qualify for the final. Then all six judges sampled each of the finalists.

The day also saw a boat parade led by Destiny, flying the Betsy Ross flag. The Redline Laser Tag competition area is set up at the front of the Gateway Transit Center stand, with a long line meandering to the west.


Reporter Brian Gowley can be reached via email at [email protected]

Cory Delicate, left, of Port Angeles tests one of the 26 apple pies alongside a panel of six judges. (Dave Logan/for the Peninsula Daily News)

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