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Kochi: Over the past couple of months, local brand “Bakedo” has been causing a stir on social media. Handcrafted gourmet cookies are not the usual “rubbery on the inside and crunchy on the outside” kind. As claimed by founder, Shereen Harshth, they are the first original New York-style thick (filled) Kochi cakes.

The 25-year-old was inspired by chunky cookie brands like Levain Bakery and Chip city. Being a foodie, Shereen follows many food pages, and cookies almost always appear. “These sticky cookies are prominent in the US and UK, when I saw them on social media I checked if they were available in Kerala too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them. So I decided to bake them myself,” says Shereen.

Having run a bakery at home a few years ago, Shereen was confident making New York-style cookies. But it took three years to come up with the original method. “Since I knew how cookies were made, I thought some tweaks in the ratio could make them like NYC cookies. But I was wrong. The difference is in the dough used. It took me a while to get it right because I also didn’t I like to bake using recipes that are already available,” she says.

Sherine even avoided attending classes to learn about cookies in New York City, because she didn’t want it to affect her style. Using local ingredients, she makes cookies that are a bit rough on the outside. When it cracks in the middle, the creamy Belgian chocolate filling explodes. Although it looks small, it weighs about 140 grams.

“Although it’s the size of a palm, at least two people can eat one cookie,” she adds. Ten flavors of New York thicken cookies are available. Their base is made from cookie dough with milk. Classic Milk/Dark, Red Velvet Bomb, Caramelo, Lotus Biscoff are a few of them. Among these, the toffee dessert has many recipients. “The flavor is inspired by the ‘Chip City’ cookie brand. I made slight tweaks, like the Belgian milk chocolate caramel filling. On the outside, the streusel layer is drizzled with caramel drizzle,” says Shereen.

Bakedo is also famous for its cookie pie and mini cookies. Cookies filled with Lotus Biscoff, Toffee or Oreo. “Because it’s full of fillings, it may be too sweet for some. This nutty toffee pie is made with only nuts and caramel and is perfect for seniors,” says Shearn.

Small, coin-sized cookies are crunchy on the outside while still chewy on the inside. Sold in tin. Cookies can last up to seven days at room temperature and up to two months when refrigerated. “The cookies should be eaten straight from the oven. If not, it is essential to reheat them so you can enjoy the fillings at their best,” says Shereen.

The baker is thrilled with all the reactions that come her way. “People accepted it easily. Malays, especially Kochon, are always looking for new items,” she says. c Price starts from 780 rupees.

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