How a local restaurant reminds us what it means to be Texas

I recently wrote about a group that is taking courses on being a real Texan. Their definition, to me, seems a bit narrow. I think I’ve found an example that allows more of us to fit the definition of “Texas.”

This example came from a local restaurant, and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Green Shelley Willie Owns The Internet…Again

Green Chile Willy’s really made their move when it comes to social media. The occasional posts they make to look for the dishwasher, which I’m so famous for, have made many of us laugh on more than one occasion.

However, that’s not all they do.

A recent post started online praising Green Chile Willy’s for excellent food and service. The person who posted the glowing review noted that they took a bite there because their tires were punctured, and decided to eat first.

The frame became a bit bigger problem than expected.

That’s what most of us think when we say “Texas.”

Unfortunately for the apartment owner, the spare was also flat. One of the servers from the restaurant took them to the nearest gas station to stream.

That’s nice of them.

Unfortunately, the pump did not work. In order not to be hit by a defective air pump, the servant took this person to their house where they had an air compressor.

Then, they held on to make sure they were safely back on the road.

This, friends and neighbors, is what I think of us the most when we say “Texas.”

Be nice to your neighbors

This is the Texas way. At least, I think that’s how most of us feel about it. It’s the classic story of taking a minute to help someone in need.

I can tell from my personal experience that this is what Willie Green Chile’s trip looks like. My family did not have a bad experience there. That’s why we tend to go a lot.

Everyone is usually really friendly, and they take the time to make you feel at home.

Kudos to everyone at Green Chile Willy for a job well done…as always.

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