How do boba tea shops affect chains like Peet and Starbucks

If I had to guess, I’d say it started with brown sugar syrup. Suddenly, he can be seen elegantly dripping milk everywhere – on social media, in freezing aisles, and, most often, in plastic cups primarily carried by young people. The absolute must-try invention for Taiwanese boba stores was the brown sugar drink, and like any successful recipe, it was copied. It popped up in other bubble tea shops, in restaurants, and then finally, almost unbelievably, it popped up at Starbucks. Then I learned. More coffee shops across America are finally learning the art of bobafication.

In my opinion, the bobafication of American beverage culture is the best thing to happen to our non-alcoholic beverage scene in decades. Bupa Store is a place of constant innovation and endless customization, as if Willy Wonka has expanded into the beverage market. Most stores have a level of selection that makes early Starbucks orders feel like child’s play: base drink, fruit puree, foam, ice levels, sugar levels, and most importantly, textures. It’s not just the brown sugar syrup that Starbucks has embraced, either. The cold, salty, creamy foam is akin to the sleepy hit of boba, cheese tea. Gen Z TikTok trends are basically forcing the chain to go through a lot of customization efforts. It signals a development beyond the Frappuccino: Bobafication has abandoned the idea that a sweet, foamy drink should double up to boost “caffeine” or “productivity.”

Just as Starbucks persuaded America to embrace its sophisticated Italian coffee culture, bubbafication can open more eyes to the joy and pure whimsy of drinking dessert at 3pm.

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Bobafication is absurd. Bobafication says yes, I will add slippery jelly and chewy balls to my milk tea, and yes why not, I will put a lot of candy in passion fruit juice, and oh my gosh, of course I want salty foam that licks the tip of my nose as I sip, as if on a date with Myself. Bobafication raises a friend’s eyebrow at 75% sugar, 50% ice, lychee jelly order; Ask for a sip and then feel secure enough in your taste buds to admit okay, sir, go ahead. Bobafication thinks about this drink the next time you create your own, and share your hacks with your other friends. Bobafication chooses delight over sarcasm. It’s about connecting with your inner child. It is about playing.

Bring this now because bobafication shows no signs of stopping. Trader Joe’s first appeared in a brown sugar skimmer. Del Taco, Dunkin’, and Sonic all made versions of another popular boba topping, the popped boba filled with flavored syrup. This summer, coffee chain Peet started serving jelly, another thing that originated in Bupa stores. Not at this common moment, but I’m sure many people I grew up with in Tennessee thought the rubbery stuff in drinks was weird. We’re popping you guys.

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