How to beat Mortimer Freeze in Cuphead: The Last Delicious Course

CupheadThe DLC has a bunch of new iconic animated bosses to shoot, and one that’s been around since The Delicious Last Course was announced is Mortimer Freeze. He’s a strange old wizard who seems to be obsessed with ice, snow, and everything cold.

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Much like Cuphead boss fights, this is a multi-stage affair that can be difficult to survive. That’s why we put ourselves through a bullet hell to show you how to beat that light-hearted whim.

Stage 1: Mortimer the Wizard

This first stage of the boss battle is the easiest stage to pass. Most Mortimer attacks are easy to read, so you have plenty of time to dodge them once you see them coming. Shoot the snowflakes, put away the pink tarot cards, and be ready to move when Mortimer goes on a giant whale strike.

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Stage Two: The Abominable Snowman

Once Mortimer does enough damage, The bell will ring and a snowy body will be lowered from the roof. He will envelop Mortimer and will now become an Abominable Snowman, which begins the second stage.

This second stage can be tricky because of those flying lollipops. While you’re trying to track down other attacks, it’s very easy not to notice that the lollipop is flying right at you. Shoot them whenever you get the chance to take them out of the equation.

It is very easy to avoid ice cubes as you can stand in the space between them when they are divided into two or four. Same with swords, move in a small space in between. Snowman’s ball shape movements can surprise you, but if you watch what he’s doing before he moves, you can tell if he’s about to roll or jump.

Stage Three: Mortimer Snowflake

You will know that the third stage is coming When the snowman catches his stomach. The top half of it will explode leaving behind the bottom half, which will quickly walk off the screen.

Snow platforms leading to the top will then appear. You need to jump on these platforms quickly Snowman’s legs can damage you If you touch. The stage will start scrolling vertically, so if you don’t reach the next area in time, you can take what is basically the fall damage.

The final stage of this battle turns Mortimer into a giant snowflake. You will now be in a beautiful open area with the Northern Lights in the background. There will be no ground, so you have to stay put and move around five platforms rotating in a circle.

The hard part of this final stage is staying on the rotating platforms. You’ll need to move constantly while avoiding eyeballs, ice cream cones, buckets, and moons. Be careful if you use a Super during this stage, depending on what Super you have equipped, you may get stuck in the air without a platform to land on. However, there are only three main attacks that you need to learn, so once you know their timing, all you have to worry about is maintaining your foothold on the platforms.

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The biggest challenge in this battle is to dodge around all the crap that flies towards you on the screen. While many of Mortimer’s attacks are easy enough to memorize, all it takes is pesky ice, a lollipop, or a crescent moon to keep you out of your game while trying to escape.

for your weapons, crackshot It will come in handy in helping you deal with icy and lollipop enemies as they appear while inflicting massive damage on Mortimer. If you haven’t unlocked Crackshot, then the Chaser It will work fine. His second and third stage weren’t too difficult because they are big goals, so Cost It can be very helpful in reducing his health quickly. for your super, Super 1 It’s probably your best bet as you should be able to skip Mortimer with that. Just be careful if you are used to the last stage of this battle.

As for magic, this is one battle where the Heart Ring might not be worth equipping as there aren’t as many pink perishable projectiles as in some of the other boss fights. You’ll get a single tarot card, a lollipop, or a bucket here and there, but it won’t be enough to constantly restore your health. While that, Prepare a smoke bomb Because that will allow you to dash safely through Mortimer attacks.

If you plan to play as Mrs. Chalice, her dribbling roll should come in handy in the first two stages. However, once you reach stage 3, it will be very difficult to use it without falling off the platforms and doing damage. But her double jump should make up for that because she’ll be easy to jump over rolling snowball attacks and move around the platforms. Super Hero will be effective in the first stage but can be difficult to use in the second and third stages.

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