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If you’re interested in all things skincare, you’ve probably already heard of the term “shiny donut skin.” For starters, the term has been all over social media in the past few months, popularized by skincare enthusiasts like the New York-based esthetician and content creator. Tiara Willis and Rhode Skin Hailey Bieber Foundation to describe the undeniably glowing, radiant, vibrant complexion.

“My standard when I go to bed at night is if I don’t go to bed like a glazed donut, I’m not doing the right thing,” Bieber said in a recent YouTube video detailing her skincare routine.

The term is self-explanatory – it’s a great way to describe glowing skin. But if you’re curious about what you can incorporate into your skincare routine to achieve the look, Do you I got straight answers from a few reliable sources.

Meet our experts: Tiara Willisesthetician and content creator in New York, Mona Johara, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine, Renee Rouleau, celebrity esthetician and founder of Renee Rouleau Skincare.

What is a smooth leather donut?

According to New York-based esthetician, Tiara Willis, polished donut skin is “shiny, dewy (borderline oily) and hydrated skin.”

Rouleau adds, “Basically, this is what we people with oily skin have always had and tried to manage by smoothing it out with oil blotting papers, but now we’re in style! For years, people have always been telling me my skin has such a glow to it, and I would say Simply, “I thank my oil production for this!”

Think of the trend as a way to get that glow you love from your favorite highlighter — without the makeup — plus all the feel-good products your skin loves to absorb.

How can I get a shiny donut skin?

“To get that radiant glow, your skin can’t be gray, dull, or dry. It needs to be moisturized and moisturized,” Willis says. ICYDK, she’s a big fan of rich moisturizers and ointments like CeraVe Healing Ointment. Rouleau also recommends using “gentle, non-drying as well as barrier repair products” to ensure your moisture barrier stays the same.

If your skin doesn’t crave thick ointments, Willis recommends gel-based products on damp skin instead, such as Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum, Cosrx Snail Mucin, Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Serum, and Ixora Botanical Beauty Sea Moss & Centella Calming Gel Toner . And for sun protection, Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50.

For a long-lasting glow, Dr. Johara recommends the Dove Beauty Bar as a gentle cleanser that hydrates skin while keeping it clean. Follow up with L’Oreal Revitalift Serum. “Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin and diminishes as we age,” she says. “It absorbs water to leave the skin plump. As it fades, the skin becomes even paler.”

La Roche Posay Lipikar Triple Repair Moisturizing Body Cream is also a great barrier repair cream that can lock in all that moisture. And if you want to treat yourself, choose a moisturizing mask.

What should my skincare routine look like?

According to Rouleau, your polished skincare routine should be something like this:

  • Step 1: Cleanse with a gentle, low-foaming, sulfate-free face wash or even gentle, use a cleansing lotion.

  • Step 2: Next, wipe the skin with an alcohol-free toner, ideally with an essence. “The essence is like a toner, but it’s a serum infused with water-bound ingredients,” she says. “It has a slippery, gel-like consistency as opposed to the watery consistency of ink. This really helps the moisture to penetrate the cell membrane.”

  • Step 3: Use a moisturizing skin serum. Rouleau recommends an antioxidant like vitamin C, but if you have sensitive skin, you can use a gentler form like tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.

  • The fourth step: Apply a rich moisturizer like Reneé Rouleau Glow Enhancing Cream, and follow with an SPF if it’s daytime. “The ideal moisturizer contains emollients, which are lipid-based ingredients that can strengthen and mimic your skin’s natural oils,” Rouleau says. “Moisturizers help fill in any gaps in your skin’s barrier. They ultimately help improve smoothness, smoothness, hydration and elasticity within the skin to help impart radiance and luster.” Examples of common emollients include shea butter, squalene, cetyl alcohol, and jojoba oil.

  • Fifth stepTo give the complexion a shiny donut look, gently spray your skin with facial essence. “Because the essences are infused with serum, when they’re gently sprinkled over foundation, they bring a really cool glow to the skin to give it a dewy radiance,” she says.

Willis also recommends getting a regular chemical peel monthly or using a chemical peel several times a week.

“At night, cleanse and use a retinoid to boost skin cell turnover to release dead skin cells (leaving your skin gray), then moisturize with cream instead of lotion,” explains Dr. Johara. “If you don’t have oily skin, use an oil after the retinoid, then wash it off with cream.”

I have oily skin. Can I have a glass donut shape?

Oily skin or not, you can also look like you look your best. It’s just about finding the right products. Bieber mentioned in her skincare video that if she has breakouts in certain areas, she avoids using heavy products on those areas to avoid causing a bigger flare-up.

“If your skin is oily and tends to congest with thicker products, I recommend applying gel-based products to damp skin to get the same effects,” Willis says. “Applying an oil rich in linoleic acid such as hemp seed oil can also help oily skin achieve a polished donut look.”

According to Dr. Gohara, it may also be a good idea to adjust your routine by adding a hyaluronic acid serum and a light lotion because too many moisturizers or heavy creams can clog pores. Rouleau adds that if you have oily skin, you can stick to your regular skincare routine and try highlighters, brighteners, and face mists to give yourself a glow.

“This type of skin can also sprinkle facial essence onto the face because many essences are water-based and shouldn’t add extra oil,” she says.

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