How to throw the best cooking experience into summer

Among the many joys of summer, one of the best things is having friends and their families eat, drink, and relax in your own backyard. While what you toss on the grill matters, it’s generally bare feet, and the vibe of summer school that really sets your party apart. Fun cooking does not require a lot of time or money to prepare, it requires a little creativity and a lot of refreshment like Tropicana Premium Beverages. From playlists to festive drinks, these are the outdoor party essentials that ensure everyone – including you – has a great time.

Serve refreshing drinks


Of course, you can’t go wrong with a bucket of beer at a barbecue, but to make something truly memorable, while helping your guests beat the heat, create a DIY drink bar.

Building your own station is simple: start by throwing a fun tablecloth at a large table. Pour delicious blenders like Tropicana Heaven Peach PineappleAnd the Caribbean sunsetAnd the piña coladacarbonated water to Drink Dispensers. Place bowls of summery mixes like fresh pineapple, strawberry, and mint, along with colorful biodegradable straws and cups. If you had extra prep time the day before, freeze the fruit into cubes for a special touch that keeps their drinks from defrosting quickly.

Create a summer playlist

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While the perfect playlist is certainly subjective, we offer a few tips to help ensure that what you pick gets everyone swinging all night long. Rotate songs that are always placed You are In a good mood. As the host, you define the atmosphere of the party and if the soundtrack makes you smile, chances are, your guests will feel the same. Would you rather go the wireless broadcast route? Just be sure to go into your settings and block the explicit tunes, so the little ones in your garden can enjoy whatever comes along. Don’t you prefer DJ? Allow guests to take turns connecting their phones to the Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker. And don’t forget to charge it!

Stick to easy snacks

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Focus on store-bought snacks that are delicious, utensil-free, and most importantly, allow you to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Some of our favorite time-savers include cheese at the grocery store and charcuterie boards; tortilla chips with plates of guacamole, salsa, and dip beans; And vegetable skewers.

let the games begin

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An excellent way to get guests to move around and enjoy bonding is to set up game stations in the garden. You can put a volleyball net in one corner and have an exciting game of corn hole in another. And if you enjoy mini games, you can never underestimate the power of cheap bubbles. (Just keep them away from the food stations.)

Set your magical mood

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Tablecloth decorated in bright colorsTogether with matching disposable plates, cups and cutlery, they add a cheerful ambiance. When the sun finally dims, it’s worth breaking down set of outdoor globe lights. Not only do they add a festive atmosphere but they light up the proceedings so that guests can enjoy themselves long after the sun goes down.

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