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Some people like sherbet, others like fro-yo, but as the saying goes – (and lactose intolerance aside) – All Scream for ice cream! The sweet and savory frozen dessert will satisfy the palate of even the most picky eater, and it also has a holiday of its own: National Ice Cream Day 2022 is this one. Sunday 17 July! Here at Review, we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate ice cream, and we’ve rounded up the best gifts you can give to someone who loves it as much as we do!

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If you thought gifting ice cream to someone who loves ice cream is a no-brainer, you’re probably right, but choosing a unique and thoughtful gift that also might give you a brain freeze! From homemade ice cream makers to the best scoops and awesome bowls, we’ve already tested and tasted most of the ice cream gifts you’ll find here, so you can trust that the ice cream lover in your life will love and use any of these top rated ice cream themed gifts and gadgets for who He loves ice cream.

National Ice Cream Day 2022: 7 ideas to celebrate at home

1. For ice cream lovers who can’t resist cake too: Cake and Ice Cream Pack

Best ice cream gifts for ice cream lovers: cake and ice cream

Gift your friend ice cream and let him have his cake, too, with Milk Bar’s Strawberries N’ Cream package containing pint of cereal milk ice cream, pint of birthday cake ice cream, and a 6-inch Strawberry Shortcake! This insanely delicious combo is perfect for any cake or ice cream lover.

$84 for a milk bar

2. For experimental ice cream lovers: homemade ice cream maker

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Ice Cream Maker

For someone who wants to create their own recipes and flavors, a homemade ice cream maker might be the perfect gift. Create flavor with Cuisinart Ice-21, the best ice cream maker we tested for its easy-to-use, open-top design for easy pouring and best of all, the way it makes ice cream in just 20 minutes!

For a budget-friendly option, try Dash’s My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine to make a pint of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, or frozen yogurt in about 30 minutes. The compact machine also comes with a cooling bowl, mixing spoon and recipe book.

Cuisinart from $60 on Amazon Dash from $25 on Amazon

3. For ice cream lovers who may already have leftovers: a set of storage containers

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Ice Cream Bowls

If the ice cream fanatic in your life already has an ice cream machine, they may still need some cool containers to store them in. Zicoto Reusable Ice Cream Pans are great because they are insulated and BPA-free, plus not only are they stackable to save space, the set of two also comes with labels so the flavor can be clearly distinguished.

$20 at Amazon

4. For ice cream sandwich lovers: make your own ice cream sandwich set

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Ice Cream Sandwich Set

The Baked Bear offers your Goldbelly Ice Cream Sandwich Kit that includes 2 pints of ice cream (choose from 12 flavors like Bear Batter, Cookie Dough, and Caramel Pretzel Fudge), and dozens of cookies (choose from eight flavors including Chocolate Chip, funfetti and sticky butter cake). Mix and match ice cream and cookies to make six giant ice cream sandwiches that measure 3.5 inches in diameter!

$90 at Goldbelly

5. For the ice cream lover who needs your fix on the go: the ice cream canteen

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Canteen

Have you ever tried taking ice cream with you on the go? We’re guessing he ended up in a big, melty mess. Now there’s a solution, and it makes a great gift for someone who needs on-demand ice cream when a craving erupts, no matter where they are. The Ice Cream Canteen is a double-walled vacuum insulated container specially made to keep your favorite dessert frozen for hours.

$45 at Uncommon Goods

6. For the ice cream lover who hosts the best ice cream meetings: the ice cream bowl set

Best ice cream gifts for ice cream lovers: bowl and spoon set

Give someone a nice bowl and spoon set, and you will definitely be invited to your next ice cream party! This set of 12 ice cream bowls with matching spoons has a cute ice cream cone design and comes with three sets each of pink, blue, green and purple. It’s the perfect way to serve ice cream on a beautiful summer’s day.

$14 at Amazon

7. For ice cream lovers who appreciate a personalized gift: personalized ice cream bowls

Best ice cream gift for ice cream lovers: custom bowl

For a personalized gift, these precious moments ice cream bowls are: Precious. Order one of our stoneware chip-resistant bowls with any name or SMS and you’ll be surrounded by some fun ice cream and lollipop characters. The special someone you’re gifting will be impressed because you took the time to personalize their gift.

$16 at Personalization Mall

8. For Ice Cream Lovers Sundae: Classic Dessert Dishes

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Ceramic Bowls

Enjoy the ice cream sundaes Which A day with a set of ceramic ice cream bowls. Classically designed ceramic bowls add a touch of elegance to your ice cream eating experience and are made with a wide base for stability (don’t cry over spilled ice cream here!). The tulip-shaped bowls hold 10 ounces of any savory dessert or fruit parfait, and come in seven color options for optimal versatility.

$20 at Amazon

9. For the ice cream lover who needs a new scoop: Sumo Ice Cream Scoop

Best Ice Cream Gift for Ice Cream Lovers: Sumo Scoop

Consuming large amounts of ice cream can cause a lot of wear and tear on your ice cream scoop! Make sure to give a gift that not only works but will last a long time, like this Sumo Ice Cream Scoop which is one of the best ice cream scoops we’ve tried. With a pointed tip made of stainless steel and a colorful handle, Sumo comes in five different colors making it not only practical, but very cute.

$11 at Amazon

10. For the ice cream lovers who are always full of toppings: Ice Cream Toppings Set

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Sundae Toppings Kit

For someone who loves a little ice cream with it added, a regular scoop of vanilla won’t cut it. Stock up on delicious treats to pile on ice cream like the Sundae Toppings Kit from Williams Sonoma that comes with one 17-ounce container of rich, creamy fudge sauce, one 17-ounce container of smooth salted caramel sauce and one 15-ounce container of rainbow sprinkles . You can’t go wrong with this classic layer.

$56 at Williams Sonoma

11. For ice cream lovers who entertain them: outdoor serving tray

Best Ice Cream Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Serving Tray

Enjoy a social ice cream treat outdoors with the Sur La Table Ice Cream Serving Tray. The 14″ round tray is made of melamine, which is durable and scratch-resistant, making it perfect for any occasion. An ice cream lover who is a hostess at heart would love this gift. You can even throw in matching bowls to complete a great entertaining set.

$28 at Sur La Table

12. For the ice cream lover who needs some self-care: Ice Cream Scented Bath Bombs

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: bath bombs

What kind of ice cream lover no Want to soak in the bathtub full of delicious ice cream? Scoop ice-cream bath bombs may not be made from the real thing, but scoops of ice cream-scented, skin-smoothing bath bombs are sure to satisfy anyone who needs some time off. The set of four bath truffles includes vanilla bean, raspberry cream, strawberry, mango and pineapple.

$25 at Uncommon Goods

13. For ice cream lovers in the cool kitchen gadgets: Ice Cream Sandwich Scoop

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Ice Cream Sandwich Scoop

Do the ice cream lovers you’re shopping for love using fun kitchen gadgets? If so, this ice cream sandwich scoop is a great gift that makes a classic dessert in no time. Simply insert the stainless steel cylinder shaped cutter into the ice cream bowl, give it a nice twist, remove and place between two cookie cutters. You can’t go wrong with that.

$20 at Uncommon Goods

14. For the ice cream lovers who insist on waffle cones: the waffle bowl maker

Best gifts for ice cream lovers.  waffle pot maker

Who wants to eat from a bowl when you really can eat the bowl?! Of course, Dash, who makes some seriously beloved mini appliances, has a mini waffle maker in her collection that makes a great gift for the ice cream lover who always orders a waffle cone.

From $18 at Amazon

15. For the adventurous ice cream lover: Salt and Straw Recipe Book

Best Gifts for Ice Cream Lovers: Salt and Straw Cookbook

The adventurous ice cream lovers in your life won’t have to settle for plain chocolate or vanilla if they are talented in this salt and straw ice cream cookbook. The ice cream company is known for its funky flavors like Arbequina Olive Oil and Honey Lavender, and with this recipe book they’ll be able to concoct more unique flavors, including a recipe using Stumptown Coffee and Burnside Bourbon. Be prepared to be a taste-tester.

$15 at Amazon

16. For ice cream lovers who appreciate a theme: Ice Cream Gift Box

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Gift set

Make gifting easy with this gift set that comes with everything but ice cream packaged in a colorful box that reads, “Ice cream solves everything.” Handcrafted gift bundle includes individually wrapped and labeled cones, cups, desserts, and more for a fun ice cream celebration at home. This would make an especially great gift for the family to share.

$70 at Etsy

17. For the chic ice cream lover: Kate Spade ice cream themed jewelry

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Kate Spade necklace

For the ice cream lover who is also the most stylish person you know, show them that you care about them in the form of jewelry and this is a win-win situation. Kate Spade 32″ Gold Chain with Cubic Zirconia Glass Ice Cream Necklace is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that a gift is sure to adore. Add the matching ring for a cool fashion touch.

$32 at Kate Spade Surprise

18. For ice cream lovers out there: Science of Ice Cream Kit

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Science Kit

Science does not happen cooler Who made ice cream! The Science of Ice Cream set is a fun gift that the whole family can share. Did you know this air What are the main ingredients of ice cream? Learn and try this kit that includes all the tools and step-by-step instructions to come up with some delicious homemade ice cream. (As if that wasn’t great on its own, KiwiCo also offers a subscription-based service that we’ve tried and loved.)

$30 at KiwiCo

19. For the kid who loves ice cream: Wooden Ice Cream Toy Set

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Wooden toys set

This gift is sure to please the youngest ice cream lover: Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Playset from top toy brand Melissa & Doug. Owned and loved by many of our child-reviewed editors, the 28-piece set encourages kids to use their imaginations to create their dream-imaginative ice cream shop with everything from an assortment of ice cream scoops, toppings, and cones. Pretend money is also included, so be prepared to pay!

$44 at Amazon

20. For artisan ice cream lovers: Jeni’s Pint Club

Best gifts for ice cream lovers: Jeni's Pint Club

Go above and beyond with an ice cream delivery service like Jeni’s Pint Club. Jeni’s is known for its premium, artisanal ice cream and your sweet tooth will be happy to receive a selection of four flavors each month delivered to their doorstep. Some of Jeni’s bestselling flavors include Darkest Chocolate, Salty Caramel and my personal favorite, Brambleberry Crisp.

From $199 at Jeni’s

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