Ice Cream, Plants, Cups, Herbs & Triplets @ Rooted Lounge 716

There is a lot going on at Rooted Lounge 716, but somehow it all works together. The ice cream and blend herb shop, located at 69 Allen Street, is owned and operated by Gisele Stokes, along with her soon-to-be husband Chris Henson. On top of everything else, they are going to sign the contract next week.

Gizelle, who also owns The Mindful Institute, has always been looking for ways to make people happier, by providing them with the holistic resources and care they need. So how can someone so involved in healing and herbal medicine possibly own an ice cream shop in Allen?

“Chris and I were eating at Cafe 59 across the street,” Giselle told me. “Then we were looking to get ice cream somewhere and realized there was nowhere to get it. With so many restaurants in Allentown, we thought there was an opportunity to start an ice cream business, incorporating all the rest of my passion into the store.”

And Gizelle has a lot of passions, and it’s all based on teaching people how to live a better life. She is passionate about plants, so there is a botanical section in the store. She is also passionate about cannabis and all of its different applications. This means that there is a hemp and CBD ingredient (the store is a licensed CBD retailer).

The business is called Rooted Lounge 716, due to the vegan aspect, but also the roots that Gizelle and Chris grow in the community.

In terms of her selection of herbs, Gizelle is in the process of creating a complete station, where she will be mixing custom blends for teas, baths, incense, and even smoked items. The herb bar will seamlessly complement the dessert station being developed (including ice cream).

And what’s better with ice cream? Cookies and pastries of course. Gizelle and Chris have teamed up with a pastry group – Bee Sweets 716 – which is currently taking down orders, while the back kitchen is being built to accommodate the new baking item. At that time, there will be an in-house pastry chef preparing all kinds of sugary creations, to go along with Perry’s Ice Cream selections (including 4 dairy-free options).

“We asked the neighborhood what they wanted, and they said they wanted some dairy-free ice cream, so we made sure to order some,” Gisele said, while Chris Lee ordered an order of dairy-free apple pie ice cream (in a cup, but they also have cones) . “

Kris serves up dairy-free apple pie ice cream

“We also have gluten-free cookies,” Chris said. “We have lavender fudge, strawberry-rose cake, chamomile cake…we wanted to be different. All these treats are baked with the different herbs we carry. That’s what makes us so different. In the summer, Gizelle makes cold tea, and then when it’s cool, it’ll be We have hot tea, hot cider, and hot chocolate. You will make a video that we will show where you will discuss all the holistic properties and health benefits of different herbs.”

Besides the room for ice cream and herbs, there is also a second room where private parties, block club meetings, pop-ups and other community gatherings can be held.

“We have a teenager and triplets,” Chris told me. “It’s a perfect room for a birthday party – 15-30 people. It’s not like Chuck E. Cheese. We’re so creative. This room is the perfect place for us to practice that creativity. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we have so much to do!”

Rooted Lounge 716 already hosts a wide range of events, from bridal showers to poetry readings. A number of events will build on Gizelle’s overarching interests, which stem from her work across The Mindful Institute. The institute is centered around workplace health coaching – teaching employees how to regulate their emotions. When she started incorporating herbal remedies into her practice – something employers loved – she knew she had to find a way to reach more people. And so the Rooted Lounge 716 lineups were born.

Paisley tests the Puppy Cup

“One of my goals is to educate people about how plants can be used as medicine,” Giselle explained. “Generally, people are not aware of this. I plan to host breathing work classes and tea workshops… I want to host talks to remind people to rethink what is important.

“We’re going to create an ice cream bar featuring Perry’s Ice Cream (which is in WNY). We even have non-dairy ice cream for dogs—we’re calling them Pup Cups. Beasley was our first customer. I think neighborhood dogs would love a cold cup of ice cream on a hot summer day.” We also have a selfie wall, where customers can take their pictures. This is a wonderful little community – residents and business owners. We are delighted to be part of this community.”

Gisele and Chris standing in front of the selfie wall

Whether you’re in the mood for lavender-infused white chocolate cake, butterfly lemonade, or your pup’s mouth drooling for ice cream, Rooted Lounge 716 has got you covered with an ever-changing menu.

The business has been open for two weeks now, and each day brings fresh new additions to the curated eclectic mix of shows thus far.

Routed Lounge 716
69 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14202



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