In Honor of Summer Birthdays: Ice Cream Celebration Cake

Plating a slice of ice cream cake ⁠— I’m talking about layers of cake and ice cream, here ⁠— always elicits laughter even from most adults. There’s something undeniably entertaining about discovering that ice cream is actually in the cake.

This recipe is a shout-out for all summer birthdays. With a little patience and some acrobatic scheduling, you can do it. (You can!) Besides the fun factor, you’ll enjoy the practicality of getting ahead and getting ready to party days before you need it. I recommend making the cake on one day and assembling it on the second. Then roll up and freeze everything until it’s time to eat. When you want to serve it, move the cake into a pretty plate, and let it sit at room temperature for 45 minutes to achieve the magical perfection of thawed cake and frozen ice cream.

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