In Salem, where you can try birria tacos, quesabirria, birria pizza and more

Salem diners are suffering from beria fever.

The traditional beria, from the Mexican state of Jalisco, is a roast of goat, beef or sometimes lamb, slow-cooked with hot peppers and spices until the meat reaches a tender, juicy texture and roughly chopped. Brick red-orange and highly fortified, it’s a dish that requires slow cooking to achieve the richest results.

This home-cooked dish has hit the internet food frenzy in recent years. The Los Angeles-based taco trucks have begun serving Tijuana-style birria de res, made with beef, in tacos, mulitas and quesadillas—often now listed as quesabirria—often with a glass of chubby orange alongside with dipping.

Using beef, which is more fat than goat, results in a stew with a speck of red gold fat on top. These entrepreneurs began infusing corn tortillas in this fat before frying them and filling them with melted Oaxaca cheese (or mozzarella), shredded meat, onions, and cilantro. The chili-infused fat gives the Prairie tacos their distinctive red-orange appearance.

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