IND vs ENG Live Score 5th Test, Day 4: Lees, Crawley starts 378 chase run against India at Edgbaston

Welcome to Sportsstar Live coverage of the fourth day of the fifth Test between India and England from Edgbaston in Birmingham.

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ENG 1-0 (1 more): The Indian team gets out of the crowd. Ready for the final push as he looks forward to a historic England Series win – his first since 2007. Dravid was captain then and coach now. Pomera is not the first ball over the wicket. Short of length draped over the torso, Lees defends butt to cover for a quick single. Three slips and groove for Crowley. Some shape away from Bumrah but Crowley leaves that far out. This guy forms away after crossing his trunks and drops a pant to his right to collect this.

England need 378 rounds to win

India Totally 245 at 81.5 over (Pujara 66, pant 57; Stokes 4-33, Butts 2-50)

245 – 10 IND (81.5 plus): There is no new ball for England yet, Leach continues. Just a couple of singles from above. Siraj goes out to the loft for a long time but finds only one. Stokes continues the old ball. six! Shorts and Pomera pin this to the slender leg to the max. Outside! He goes to pull again but doesn’t go the distance and this is picked up at the exact leg, just inside the boundary line. Jaspreet Pomerah J Zack Crowley B Ben Stokes 7 (20 B 1 x 6).

IND 237 – 9 (80 plus): Jadeja seems to be stuck here a bit and unable to spin the blow. The lead is now 367 shots and India wants to push it to around 400 to sit comfortably on top of this game. Given the time left and the Bazball approach that England have long promoted, it would be great to push to win. 14 Ball and Boomrah are not out of goal yet. Jadeja sows strike here. He hits one of the pads to a deep square fielder but doesn’t run. Outside! The next ball went. Short length delivery on a narrow line outside the torso line. It swings a bit and takes the edge of the inner Jadeja before hitting the wood. Ravindra Jadeja b Ben Stokes 23 (58 b 1 x 4). Siraj the last man in. Two shorts first. He jumps and defends the first before arching backwards to allow the next one to pass. He pushes one halfway to one and continues the strike. 80 increment. Will England take the new ball?

IND 235 – 8 (78 plus): leakage from the other side. Jadeja presses forward to defend the first three out. He wipes one behind to shave one leg. one from above. More short stuff from Stokes in the next part but the bouncer is given wide for height. Filtering continues from the other party. There was a faint shriek from LBW’s left winger as he tossed one up on the torso line of the leg and Bumrah missed his defensive shot and let the ball hit his boot. In hindsight, England will regret not taking the review as this was hitting her leg straight. Pomerah defends hard from the pucker before negotiating the next short ball.

IND 230 – 8 (74 plus): Back after lunch. Stokes to Jadeja from around the wicket. Jadeja punches the back foot to get one point behind the first run after the break. Kassir goes to Shami immediately. Outside! The bouncer is back and the shaman gets the upper edge of the pull to deliver a direct grab at the square leg. Muhammad al-Shami c Alex Les B Ben Stokes 13 (14 b 2 x 4). A pomer is present and defends the first with a straight racket and holds the position. The bad guard of the Indian captain to end it.

Lunch – India 229-7 – led by 361 kicks (Jadeja 17, Shami 13)

Session update: India lost four wickets in the session, including Pant and Pujara. They did 104 runs in 28 extras. They drive 361 runs. Jonny Bairstow said last night that England would try to chase anything. There is plenty of time left for this test. that along with baseball The effect should lead to an interesting chase. At the moment, India wants Gedo and Shami to hit the racket for as long as possible.

Shami and Jadeja play the last time before lunch without a fuss. Al-Shami’s control of the drag shot was one of the most prominent events. He pulls a short ball from Putts into his minute leg for fours. Shami’s hitting improved by leaps and bounds against speed and spin. Single Jack Leach bowls short and slightly wide; Al Shami jumps over the lagging point to lead India to 350th place. He was solid in defense as well.

IND 212 – 7 (70 plus): Potts could have had a second share in the same spot, but Anderson dropped a tough opportunity for Jadeja in the cover. He was 10 years old. Shami joined Jadeja. Short bowling boots instantly. Three men on the hook. The wicket! Potts sticks his short ball stunt against Thakur, who misses a draw on Crowley. Earlier, Thakur ran into a short butts ball and got hit on his helmet, in the front grille. The doctor had to take care of him. The previous ball had grown from the back of the length, but this ball kept low. The asymmetric rebound will play into the mind of England batsmen, who have to chase down this deteriorating surface.

IND 201 – 6 (66 trailing): WICKET! (pant ct root b leach 57) Leach has his leg! Pant attempts to play the reverse pass but plays it directly to Joe Root on slip. Big penetration. Smiles all over Camp England. They know how big this hack is. Chardol Thakur is ranked eighth.

IND 198-5 (62 plus): Jack Leach enters the left wheel into the attack. replaces brod. What does a pant do? Sweeps the first ball to four. Jadeja is off the mark with an outside edge that rolls into the third man for four. The wicket! (Air Cut Anderson B Boots 19) The short ball stunt works. Shreyas Iyer gifted his share to Potts and England. Just when these two hitters were threatening to pull the match out of England for the next half hour, England were handed a little gate on the plate. The centurion in the first innings Jadeja joins the pant. That would be drinks. India leads 322 runs. Meanwhile, Pant reached his second fiftieth of the match by a minute leg limit, outside of Broad.

IND 178 – 4 (58 plus): Iyer plays a delicious drive from the Potts for four. Projection! Pant was driving a full ball of Broad and Crowley on slip He got the ball with one hand but couldn’t hold it. Then Pant tries to back off by brod and misses! Meanwhile, Matthew Potts replaced James Anderson. Off the third ball in the 56th minute, Boots cut Ayer in half with a ball that flew sharply off the field. The cracks are now starting to open a little. Despite the variable recoil, the pitch is still on the slower side. So, the hitters have time to adjust to the short ball. England movers know Ayer doesn’t fancy short ball. So, their trick for now is simple: attack Iyer with the guard and have two men catch up to the rear. In between, Iyer hit a stray ball from Brod and hit it over a groove for four.

IND 159 – 4 (54 increments): WICKET! (Pujara ct Lees b Broad 66)England finally abandoned Joe Root’s strategy and moved to Stuart Broad. This move pays off immediately as the Pujara cuts one straight to a back point. The wicket against the course of play. Pojara is at 66th place. Shreyas Iyer is the next man in the game and is immediately tested with the short ball. Leg slip in for him. Both Anderson and Broad have slips in place of Iyer, who has had his share of problems against the short ball. He would be wary of this offensive line. But Pant has no such inhibitions as he pulls Anderson to another frontier.

IND 146 – 3 (50 clicks): Root continues to bowl slowly and wide, and the tempting pant that cuts him to four. Maybe root will work with Pant in mind. It’s still hard to understand why England started their day in a spin. Meanwhile, Pujara’s backhand punch appears early in the day when Anderson hits through a point for four. The next ball, he hits Jimmy across the midfield to another limit.

IND 126-3 (46 transfers): Indian dough comes out. Cloudy conditions. James Anderson has the ball. Three slips into place. Pujara is on strike. Early signs once again of the paced nature of the stadium. Meanwhile, the third slip moves into the Pant’s groove. Only one from above.

Pujara and Pant will come out to the middle soon. What will be the goal of the fourth safe rounds? three hundred fifty? 400? 450?

England 284 of each (61.3 plus)

India 416 and 125-3 (45.0 plus)

14.35: England chased 279, 299 and 296 against New Zealand recently. But against this superior bowling attack, anything over 300 baseball Despite that, it will be a difficult request.

14.20: Pant and pujara are like chalk and cheese. The former has brought an incarnation of T20 flavor to the tests while the latter is almost a curiosity of this generation raised in T20 cricket. While Pujara will resume on the 50th, Pant, who turns 30, will seek to take the offensive to England. India 125 for three of the 45 sums.

14:04 – welcome back. India, who led 2-1 in a series that was postponed last September, are eyeing their first victory in England since 2007. India leads 207 with seven wickets in hand. The stubborn Pujara and bright pant want to build on this lead.


India are still in a dominant position in the fifth Test against England despite another century from Jonny Bairstow on day three at Edgbaston. – a report

Match Trivia

India has never won a Test at Edgbaston, losing six and losing one in the 1986 round.

Pomrah is the first fast player to captain the India Test team since Kapil Dev in 1987.

When: England vs India, Fifth Test, 1-5 July 2022

where: Edgbaston, Birmingham

India (played 11): Chopman Gill, Chitchwar Pujara, Hanuma Vihari, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant (W), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardol Thakur, Muhammad Shami, Muhammad Siraj, Jaspreet Poomrah (C)

England (played 11): Alex Lees, Zach Crowley, Ole Pop, Joe Root, Jonny Birstow, Ben Stokes (c), Sam Billings (w), Matty Potts, Stewart Broad, Jack Leach, James Anderson

Where will the rescheduled fifth match between ENG vs IND be broadcast online?

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