Inside Hellenika and SK Steak & Oyster Team’s Elegant New Sushi and Sashimi Restaurant – Opening Next Week

Celebrity restaurateur Simon Gloftis released the first photos of his new sushi sushi and sashimi restaurant, a week after it opened on June 14.

The photos focus on the private sushi table upstairs for eight, as well as select nigiri dishes, cocktails, and drinks. The private dining room is an intimate space painted red, surrounded by curtains and decorated with a hinoki wooden table.

It helps set the tone for the rest of the 60-seat Richards and Spence-designed venue, which Gloftes said. big cut In December you’ll be proud of a minimalist interior dominated by pretty stone walls, rich rugs, and booth seating. The standout feature will be a 9.3 meter long bar built from hinoki, valued at $8000 per square metre.

“It’s going to be beautifully authentic Japanese but also understand that we’re in southeast Queensland, and we’re at The Calile,” said Gloftis. “Richards and Spence…understand how to slim down, and that’s going to be where I downsize the most.”

In the kitchen, former Kiyomi sous chef Shimpei Raikuni will be making a “90 percent” menu of sushi or sashimi. To this end, Gloftis and co-owners Kelvin Andrews and Theo Kampolis – who together make up the STK Group – will benefit from their deep links with Australian seafood suppliers across the country. Other menu items will include lobster tempura, jimuno (traditional fried dishes), yakimono (grilled dishes), and caviar and oysters sourced daily. There will also be omakase (chef’s choice) and enkai (set) menus.

For drinks, there will be Japanese beer on tap as well as a wide selection of sake and Japanese whiskey, and an international wine list that goes well with fresh seafood. (The restaurant will also be based on the communal Hellenika and SK cellars, if you want to explore some deep cuts.) Cocktails will incorporate traditional Japanese flavors like shiso, yuzu, and wasabi.

“Sushi Room will offer diners a fresh new experience – a performance with the main characters being the best of products and services housed in an inviting small space that ensures an unforgettable Japanese dining event,” Gloftis said in a media statement today.

STK Group already owns and operates three of the area’s busiest restaurants: Hellenika, SK Steak & Oyster, and most recently Sunshine, which opened in late April in an outdoor space opposite The Calile.

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