Inside Saks Summer Dinner in the Hamptons

Sachs’ annual summer start dinner was no ordinary swing, say hi and move on to the next issue. First, guests were collected via a black van, which took them to the Blade’s East River Lounge, where they were served glasses of roses and pink tequila cocktails inside a plastic wine bottle turned into a travel mug. One by one, Laguan Smith, Prabal Gurung, Christian Cowan, Fee Noel, and some New York-based Sachs designers, entered the riverside station, where bracelets were distributed to the guests and the guests were escorted into luxury helicopters and carried on board. New York skyline (Is? Immaculate).

The brunch destination, Southampton’s Lobster Roll, was the second iteration of the beloved Amagansett seafood shack. The space bore a reminder of the dinner’s roots, but was completely changed by Saks for the evening: champagne and blood orange margaritas greeted guests, fresh from the helicopter rides, as did trays of oysters, shrimp, oyster slices, and fried mozzarella bites. Blue booths were decorated with orchids, and the bar was lined with candles and caviar bites (each guest was sent home with small condoms filled with ice bags and small rounds of caviar).

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In addition to the above, the attendees were Brandon Maxwell, Tanya Taylor, Rosie Assulin and Alejandra Alonso Rojas. The evening was hosted by Mark Mitrik of Saks as well as Kiki Palmer, the soon-to-be polymath in Jordan Peele’s latest film, No.

“I’ve been hosting a lot, so it’s kind of fun for them to think of me for this,” Palmer said of working with Saks all night. She opted for a burgundy suit and bodycon skirt from LaQuan Smith’s Spring 2022 collection for her evening look (purchased from Saks, of course).

“I wanted to wear something definitely comfortable, and I like to have something a little bit more sporty, so when I saw this I liked the nylon because it gives it a sporty feel, but at the same time I wanted to be stylish, so it really made me look and feel. So of course, we wore Alexander McQueen shoes.” “[My style] scopes. Sometimes I can give you a little Julia Roberts, other days I can give you a backup dancer. I can give you a little fashion, Diana Ross – I really agree with my mood. I have a very eclectic personality and don’t take myself too seriously, so I really enjoy fashion.”

Once she wrapped up her time in the Hamptons, she returned to Los Angeles, to prepare for the premiere of La, as well as her upcoming European tour to promote the film.

“I am preparing to go to Rome, Berlin and London. It is completely different: with Lightyear I have visited London, but the only international terminal, so going to all these places is definitely different.” “They don’t play at Universal.”

She reunites with stylist duo Wayman + Micah on the tour, with whom she worked in her early twenties.

“I’m excited about what we’re going to cook for this premiere because I know it’s going to be something interesting,” she said.

Despite this, she is mostly excited that the long-awaited movie is finally coming out.

“I’m not a secret owner, so the fact that I own this big thing that I’ve been holding that no one knows about and can’t really share makes me worried,” she said. So the fact that I can finally be like, ‘Hey you’ll know! “

Palmer was seated next to Metrick for dinner, who delivered her movie to the audience before encouraging guests to partake when eating their lobster roll that night. After the key lime pie lobsters and root beer floats came, and just after 11 p.m., it was time to head back into town.

Launch Gallery: Inside the Summer Launch Dinner at Saks hosted by KeKe Palmer

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