Interview with Liya Chu Season 8 winner MasterChef Junior (2022)

After an exciting season of culinary challenges and an episode of restaurant wars, Master Chef Junior Thursday evening winner revealed: 10 years Liya Chu From Scarsdale, New York, who won the judges Gordon RamsayAnd the Daphne OzAnd the Aaron Sanchez By treating them with dishes that reflect her culture and family traditions.

“I wanted to show that cooking isn’t just about making food, it’s actually creativity, a break from life,” says Lia, who is now 13 as the series was filmed three years ago. “For me, cooking is a break, a freedom, and time to spend with family, so I was glad I was able to show that in my dishes.”

In the semifinals, he faced 11-year-old Liya Grayson Price From Austin, Texas, 8 years old Ivy Childs She is from Darren, Connecticut, and decided to incorporate something she had learned from her family, which meant she prepared a dumpling dish that her mother had taught her.

“It’s been a tradition we’ve had for a long time,” Liya Old said in this exclusive interview. “My mom learned from her mom and her mom learned from her mom. So, it was something I wanted to show everyone, our bonding, our family time together, and what happened to what I learned.”

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Then, for the last meal she was cooking in Master Chef Junior In the kitchen, Liya continued to benefit from her family’s culture, so in the end, her entree consisted of roasted duck breast with green onion pie, charred long beans, miso eggplant, and red demi-glace, and for dessert, she made coconut, pandan panna cotta, tapioca, passion fruit cole and mango heart.

Her strategy worked when Liya took home a $100,000 prize, which she plans to use for her college education after graduating from high school.

“It’s crazy that I won that,” she said. “I want to thank everyone for that because I couldn’t do it on my own. I have to thank Grayson because he taught me so much through cooking. Also, I want to thank the chefs, judges, Gordon and the filming crew.”

Liya Chu (fox)

Read on for more of our exclusive interview with Liya in which she talks about her competition, the dream restaurant she hopes to open one day, how she initially became interested in cooking, her favorite foods, that she’s been keeping in touch with since Season 8, and more.

How hard is it to keep a secret? I photographed three years ago.

It was really hard because just having that experience and the uniqueness of being in it Master Chef Junior The kitchen and then wanting to express it to everyone and tell everyone the good news, and having to keep that for three years, was very difficult. Finally, now, I can tell everyone and this is a relief.

Who do you see as your biggest competition all season? Are these the people who ended up with you in the end? Or maybe it was someone else who sinned and left earlier?

My biggest competition was definitely Grayson because he is very good at cooking. He literally knows everything and has a cookbook. He knows everything scientific about cooking because he was studying it. So, he was definitely one of my biggest competitors. also, Eva Because it’s a good baker. She knows how to bake literally everything, from cookies to crazy financiers to cakes and macaroons.

When you won, did you celebrate?

Well, I kept it calm, but I partyed with my family and that’s what matters.

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what is the dream? Has this experience changed what he had dreamed of, opening a restaurant serving hibachi and sushi?

Three years ago I wanted to open a hibachi and sushi restaurant, but now I tend to a different type of restaurant. It’s basically a restaurant with its own garden or farm and I’ll be in charge of that garden and farm, so I can control the foods and ingredients that go into my restaurant. I thought about this because of sustainability and how a lot of different plastics, ingredients, and things are getting into our foods right now. I want to try to find a healthy way for people to eat.

You came with a lot of knowledge but there was one specific thing you learned in your time in Master Chef Junior The kitchen you don’t know how to do?

I definitely learned a lot. I learned how to slice salmon. I’ve sliced ​​different types of fish at home but had to slice a huge salmon was definitely an experience. Also, just having to cook in a time scale and having to focus and not give up, learning the process was a lot too.

One of the things that chef Kitchen You may not have at home all these proteins, expensive spices, and other ingredients. Was there something you should try that you didn’t have at home before?

truffle. When we did this challenge where we had to cook alongside Gordon Ramsay, the amount of truffles I touched and used was insane. I will cherish that moment.

Aaron Sanchez, Lia Choo, Daphne Oz, Gordon Ramsay Fox
Aaron Sanchez, Lia Choo, Daphne Oz, Gordon Ramsay (fox)

Has a judge given you advice that you will take away and use later in life?

In the restaurant takeover episode, I was screaming, I was just a mess in the kitchen. Gordon pulled me aside and calmed me down and said, “It’s not over, you can come back from this, and never give up, wipe those tears and go back to the kitchen.” This stuck with me because it’s such an important thing in life, you can’t give up and you can’t let a little thing make you stop and make you not keep trying because then you won’t get to where you want to be.

Talk about getting started in the kitchen. Was it your mother, was it your grandmother? Who sparked your interest in cooking?

It’s definitely been my family and my mom and dad mostly, because they always cook dinner and make stuff up. Also, the restaurants because I used to always visit them when I was younger. Just being surrounded by cooking made me want to get into cooking. Also, watching different cooking shows, I love watching cooking shows and watching other people cook. Like Gordon, his cooking shows, I’ve watched a lot of his shows. So just the shows, family, and restaurants that brought me together and made me want to start cooking.

The new season of chef two of the former Master Chef Juniors it. Is this something you would go back and do again if you were allowed to?

Yes, I will definitely return. Like I said, the kitchen is unique and this environment is something you will never experience in your life. So any moment I can live again there I will enjoy it.

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How did you decide you were going to audition?

I was watching the show and my mom was like, “Hey, Leah, there’s an audition.” I was like, “Oh, really?” She was like, “Yeah.” In fact, my friend Shannen from Season 7 was also on the show. I was like, “Wait, I want to be on this show too.” This kind of made me want to take part in the show as well.

Knowing you’re going to audition, did you practice how to make certain things you might have seen you do in previous seasons so you know what you’ve been doing?

I trained a lot before I went. I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Season 8 was definitely a different season, a lot of different things and a lot of new things that I learned and wasn’t ready for. But when I got into the kitchen, I learned and was able to make new things I hadn’t done before.

the other part of Master Chef Junior is that you need to be the team leader at some point. How difficult is that?

The team leader was really difficult because you had to make sure that everyone was doing the right thing, and that everyone was getting something good. Because whatever is on that board, you’re responsible for, that’s your business. So if the rice doesn’t have enough flavor in it or the steak isn’t over cooked, it’s on me because I wasn’t a good team leader. There was a lot of communication I learned and I learned how to work in a group well. Just being able to speak out and have everyone listen together and work well together was a great learning step and would help me later on too.

When you’re at home cooking, do you cook from things in the fridge, or are you looking for new recipes?

When I cook at home, I sometimes take things out of the fridge and see what I can put together. Or some days I’m browsing social media, and I see a new recipe I’d like to try and try to recreate it myself.

Lia Chu Fox
Liya Chu (fox)

Have you thought about creating sites for TikTok or another social networking site?

On Instagram, I’m already trying to recreate every dish I’ve made this season, and then I want to post the entertainment and how to make it.

Do you have a favorite dish? What do you want to eat?

My favorite dumpling dish is definitely the dumplings because they are so much fun. I love making things with my own hands, and you have to take the time to fold each one. Then when you finally eat them, it’s like, “I did a lot of work and now I can eat it.” Also, I am a big fan of sweets, so I prefer to eat sweets rather than savory food, but I prefer to cook savory food rather than sweets.

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What do you like to stuff your pies with?

I love stuffing it with ground pork, ginger, soy sauce, green onions, and chives.

Since you love to eat sweets, has Eva taught you any baking secrets? I mentioned earlier that she was a really good baker.

Eva taught me that when it comes to baking, it’s like science. You have to be precise with how you measure your measurements.

Who washes the dishes in your house when you cook?

Usually my mom. But she definitely yells at me for cleaning the dishes and making sure I clean up after cooking.

Who will you keep in touch with from the show? With whom did you make friends?

In fact, we all stayed in touch. We have a group chat where we try to make video calls together and talk as much as possible.

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