Italian-Indian mix pop up at Kozy Korner July 23

indian italian mix

Chef “Minced” Robin Danawad will sell butter chicken sandwiches at Kozy Korner’s Italian-Indian pop-up.

Fusion cuisine is nothing new, but Nick Vouras of Kozy Korner, Nick’s Pizza in Wilmington, and “Chopped” Reuben Dhanawade are taken to the next level.

Friends will host a pop-up titled “Pizza and Sandos” on Saturday, July 23 featuring Detroit-style pizza from Vouras (either red or white) and Dhanawade’s butter-fried chicken “Sando,” an abbreviation for sandwich.

Detroit-style butter chicken pizza will clash with food.

Cozy Corner Connection

Dhanawade is the well-known butter chicken, or stewed meringue, which has a rich, creamy tomato sauce and is usually served over rice.

The chef, who recently appeared on the finale of Food Network’s “Chopped,” was inspired by the Buffalo fried chicken sandwich.

However, instead of curd, yoghurt is used to season the chicken before giving it a crunchy topping made with flour and Indian spices.

A spicy butter chicken sauce replaces buffalo sauce, and the cilantro-lime cream provides the cooling point that blue cheese usually provides.

He also adds pickled onions.

“Because in my opinion, every sandwich needs a pickled ingredient,” he explained.

Dhanawade gave the sandwich a run in a pop-up in Pittsburgh.

“There is a good friend and restaurateur — Ivan Silva of Mi Empanada,” said the University of Delaware chef.

“We were talking about collaboration, and it developed into me doing something of my own for him.”

indian italian mix

Nick Foras’ Detroit-style pizza will be available on the July 23rd pop-up at Kozy Korner.

Dhanawade is enjoying newfound fame after starring in the special ‘Chopped’. The winner can occupy the position of assistant chef with one of the three judges: Manette Chauhan, Scott Conant or Chris Santos.

Chauhan, the American Indian chef, would have been a natural choice for Dhanawad, who was exploring the culinary roots of his family. However, he was eliminated in the final round.

However, the chef received many offers and called on fans to “stay tuned” for his next move.

Dinner and dessert

The first is the July 23 pop-up, which allows Dhanawade to present his kitchen to the public. In addition to pizzas and sandwiches, the duo will offer a yoghurt rice called kheer.

The price is $12 for a red pie, $13 for a white pie, and $15 for a butter chicken pizza. The sandwich that comes with the chips is $15 and the dessert is $6.

Customers can pre-order by texting Vouras at 302-547-0380 or messaging him on Instagram, @nickspizza. The meeting is between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. on July 23 at Kozy Korner, 906 N. Union St. , Wilmington.

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