It’s National Ice Cream Month and the Black Bourbon Society arrives in Los Angeles – here’s what it shows

Black Bourbon Association a comprehensive organization founded by Samara Davis and open to anyone who enjoys superior spirits and is interested in gaining a deeper appreciation for the Native American spirit, Coming to Los Angeles for Open Door Annual Round Twosponsored by Jim Beam®. The tour highlights black-owned bars and restaurants across the country, and targets To enlighten and educate people about its mission Bridging the gap between the spirits industry and African American bourbon lovers with brand partner events, social media platforms and exclusive excursions at the distillery. Here’s the local lineup:

Beam in the City – Thursday, 14/7 | 7:00 – 9:00 PM in Post & Beam

A panel discussion featuring local culture makers or entrepreneurs on topics related to Los Angeles culture, lifestyle, and vitality, followed by a social hour, Jim Beam educational trip and food tasting.*Guests must include “Open Door Tour” in the booking notes.

HIGHBALL HOUR – Friday, 7/15 | 7:00 – 9:00 PM in the district

A lively social event with DJ spins highlighting black bartenders and their unique role on Jim Beam Highball and cocktails with Jim Beam Black®.

Rhythm and Beam Day Party – Saturday, 7/16 | 1:00 – 4:00 pm In Lock & Key

A fun outdoor culinary style day party featuring a DJ fight, an educational tasting experience, and all the laid-back summer vibe.

Samara Davis, founder of the Black Bourbon Society. (Courtesy BBS)

In celebration of National Tattoo Day, Rock and BrosAnd the mobile tattoo collective And the body art bus It hosts demo events on Sunday, July 17, at its El Segundo and Buena Park locations, where guests can get special edition rock ‘n’ roll tattoos. In El Segundo, Mobile Tattoo Collective will offer $50 tattoos from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Buena Park, will show Body Art Bus $100 tattoos from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tattoos at both locations will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and all guests receiving tattoos that day are eligible to purchase one cent from selected Rock & Brews beer selections. for Guests who do not have the opportunity to have their tattoo done on site, will receive a 10% discount for future tattoos from both artists, back to R&B.

compressed Juices, in collaboration with FX, presents a “Vampire Drink for Humans” to celebrate the fourth season premiere of What do we do in the shade?. From Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17, Los Angeles-area fans can visit Century City or Abbot Kinney’s location and get a free Roots 3 juice with a limited edition fangtastic. What do we do in the shade? Label. Both Los Angeles locations will feature in-store graphics that share show details and invite customers to sink their teeth into the new season!

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.And the 626 night market Announced new dates for 626 Night Market Mini This summer and fall. The mini-market chain returns to Third Street Park in Santa Monica, July through October, featuring Café 949, Why So Shellfish, Chick N’ Skin, Ghostix, and Cheese Wheel Pasta. An alcoholic garden will also be available for attendees age 21 and older. The market is open to all ages and attendance is free, with advanced ticket reservations:

Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 10 pm

July 23 and July 24

August 13 and August 14

September 17, September 18, September 24 and September 25

October 1, October 2, October 8 and October 9

626 Night Market Mini (Courtesy of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.)

It’s National Ice Cream Month, and every favorite Angelino’s ice cream brand Thrifty offers a chance to win a generic ice cream stockpile during the month of July. Thrifty has been making ice cream for over 80 years in California, maintaining many of its award-winning recipes at vintage prices. Scoop stores exclusively inside Rite Aid offer a minimum of 50 flavors, plus a gallon to go. You can also find it in Northgate Markets.

To enter for a chance to grab a great deal and find out more details about the limited offer, see over here And review some frozen trivia below:

Ten things you didn’t know about Thrifty in honor of National Ice Cream Month

  1. Thrifty produces 1.5 million scoops of ice cream every day.
  2. The most popular flavor of Thrifty ice cream is Rocky Road, followed by Cookies and Cream and Cotton Candy.
  3. “Kale Delight” is a flavor only available in California – Vanilla Ice Cream with Orange Sherbet.
  4. Sourcing frugally from local purveyors like real crunchy California almonds (no wonder Rocky Road is a bestseller).
  5. Today, more than 500 Rite Aid stores across the country contain Thrifty hand-dipped ice cream stations.
  6. The unique cylindrical scoop is designed to create easy-to-distribute and uniform scoop sizes – so no customer feels battered and everyone gets the perfect portion. The iconic scoop is now available online on Rite Aid website For flawless scoops at home.
  7. Thrifty tests hundreds of weird flavors every year – some of the craziest mixes that don’t work out are T-bone steak, bacon and cheddar cheese, and sriracha swirl.
  8. Frugal employees get just as much ice cream as they would like on the job. No wonder the 100 or so workers in the factory have accumulated 2,000 years of experience making only ice cream
  9. Many of Thrifty’s ice cream recipes have stayed the same for over 50 years – so you’ll probably only eat the same delicious treats your grandfather ate.
  10. Thrifty is still one of the best deals on the market. As recently as 1975, one scoop was sold for 5 cents. Even today, the prices are still old and you can get one scoop for just $1.99.

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