Jarrett Logistics in Orville to host Earnhardt Jr., Jarrett, Perry

ORRVILLE Interested in meeting a NASCAR driver?

How about driving icon Dale Garrett?

What about racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

The three will be in Orrville on July 28 at the Jarrett Race Rally at the local corporate headquarters at 1347 N. Main St.

Josh Perry in the car sponsored by Jarrett during training and qualifying May 20 for the SRS Distribution 250 at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas.

“It will be a fun, family-oriented event,” said Mike Jarrett, President and CEO of Jarrett Logistics Systems. “It’s a great opportunity to see NASCAR legends and see Josh Perry and Jarrett’s car. There will be food and ice cream from Orr Valley Creamery.”

Berry is the company’s sponsored driver this year in the NASCAR Xfinity series, while Orr Valley Creamery is a new Orrville ice cream shop that opened in business shortly before the Race Rally, Jarrett said.

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