Jimmy Campbell Power on Falling in Love with Vicina, Why We’re Attracted to the Villain

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

In the two epic episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 (The release that crashed Netflix on Friday), Jamie Campbell Bower Vecna/Henry/One is one of the most compelling, scary, and suspenseful shows we’ve seen in a series.

While some of us may still feel a little sad and emotional from watching Weird things This weekend, especially after the death of Eddie Monson from co-star Joseph Quinn (after giving us a rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”) and leaving Max (Sadi Sink) in a coma, we still can’t get enough of the evil Power character.

“The things he believes in I think resonate with us on a deeply human level.”

So what makes Vecna/Henry/One so attractive and obsessively captivating? While we know a lot of it has to do with Jimmy Campbell Power’s performance, the actor thinks what we’re learning about the motives of his sinister ways is a big part of that attraction.

“I think what makes a character attractive is the fact that what he says and the things he believes in, I think they resonate with us on a deeply human level,” Bauer said. Yahoo Canada. “The idea of ​​isolation, the idea of ​​feeling like the world is unfair, I think it’s something we all feel, and I know I feel.”

“That’s what really got me interested in the job is that the writing comes from, yeah okay, externally, to look at the character visually, it’s a monster. Fine. But underneath it’s a real person, and the writing hits so hard on the money and hits on the truth that I, as a performer, have no choice.” Only falling in love and falling in love, I hope that translates.”

Vecna ​​into Stranger Things. (Courtesy of Netflix)

It’s been well documented that Bower really dived into the character of Vecna/Henry/One The Hollywood Reporter That he would sit and stare at a bottle of black widow spiders (which is associated with his character’s fascination with them), meditate, write and paint like little Henry on the show, and spend hours staring at his fingers and “personifying them and imagining them longer.”

Of course, not to mention Seven hours of physical transformation Into the new character and nail that totally creepy voice.

In terms of actually walking away from his act, trying to leave a character with such incredible strength when filming ended, Bauer revealed that it took two days to really break up.

“It took me a couple of days after filming, mostly just to get back down to earth and be somewhat human again,” Bauer said. “It was a very arduous and exhausting process, both physically and emotionally.”

“I often find myself quite depleted after these experiences, so food has become a huge relief for me. Nature was so much needed. Obviously, while filming in Georgia, there is a lot of beautiful nature and a lot of beautiful waterways out there. So. There was a lot of time in the water on my days off… but I’m fine!”

While Bauer is still silent on any details regarding his possible return in Season 5 Weird thingsthe show’s final season, after Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) revealed he can still “feel” that Vecna ​​is the end of Season 4, we’re highly anticipating even a potential return for our favorite TV/live-stream villain.

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