Judge Marley drops more Justice Essential Collection clothing line

Pursuing her creative vision, Judge Marley pursues the passions her grandfather Bob Marley stood by: justice in the community, unity, and taking care of yourself. But unlike the older Marley, Justice achieves that goal by releasing her clothing line, More Justice.

“The inspiration came from growing up in a huge family and the message my grandfather talked about and connected it to my lifestyle,” Marley says.

More Justice (which shares the same song name as Damian Marley, Justice’s uncle) has dropped their new group “Essentials” for the summer. While signature pieces add eye-catching details, Justice’s inspiration for her collection comes from her own style. With more justice, it’s more about how you wear it and the message it sends.

The collection consists of sportswear pieces such as hoodies, oversized sweatshirts, tracksuits and white T-shirts – perfect for simple people who seek comfortable wear while accentuating graphic details. Morejustice’s signature smiling face design hints at the designer’s upbeat personality, with the unisex collection priced from $40 to $90 per item and available exclusively via morejustice.co.

“The ‘Essentials’ set are things you can wear every day,” Marley explains. “Being that comforting girl and bringing a powerful message, I want everyone to know you don’t necessarily need to do more than ever.”

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Judge Marley

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The 30-year-old designer has landed in Miami after leaving her home in Jamaica and currently residing in Los Angeles. As the middle child of musician Ziggy Marley, her family’s musical legacy has allowed her to implement her vision of a clothing line and express herself through fashion.

“I got into music when I was younger,” she adds. “I took voice lessons, I would go on stage and sing with my dad, but I was always a cunning girl.”

Justice’s ultimate goal of her designs is to be bigger for a bigger cause. And after getting through the pandemic, a clothing line with a strong positive message isn’t something anyone can get angry about.

Justice’s Goodwill Everyday Essentials reflect how easy it is to dress while confidently expressing your faith in the simplest of ways. Ein Justice’s unassuming designs are easy-going – just like her grandfather’s Affinity for adidas Sambas.

Sometimes less is more. But we can all use more justice.

The “Essential” collection from More Justice is available for purchase at morejustice.co.

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