Just Salad launches a summer menu featuring SIMPLi certified renewable organic white quinoa

just a saladAnd the A casual restaurant concept with a mission to make everyday health and sustainability possible, today launches its summer menu basic Certified Renewable Organic White Quinoa (ROC) In two new dishes, making it the first multi-location restaurant to offer a dish Republic of China component in this scale. SIMPLi is the first brand to achieve ROC for quinoa and beans in South America. Combining best practices from certified organic and certified fair trade, ROC is a new certification for companies and products that meet the world’s highest standards for its three pillars: soil health, animal welfare, farm workers, and social justice.

Simpli’s ROC white quinoa, sourced directly from Peruvian farming communities, will feature in Just Salad’s new summer menu items: Honey crispy chicken salad and the golden summer saladplus the year-round menu item: File earth pot.

The addition of ROC White Quinoa from SIMPLI is likely to reduce the carbon footprint of Just Salad versus using conventionally grown quinoa. Likewise, by working with farmers who use renewable organic farming practices, SIMPLi has improved its operations to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, including white quinoa. According to the USDA, up to 15 tons of carbon per acre annually can remain locked in the ground as long as regeneration practices are maintained.

“Regenerative Organic Certified is rapidly gaining momentum as more farms obtain certified certifications and more brands of ROC ingredients are sourced,” says Elizabeth Whitlow, executive director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance. , broadly nutrient-dense ROC components that actively regenerate the earth, sequester carbon, and conserve resources as they grow.”

Just Salad’s New Seasonal Honey Crispy Chicken Salad made with extra crunchy romaine, spinach and red cabbage, oven-roasted crispy chicken, crumbled feta cheese, simple’s white quinoa, sliced ​​grape tomatoes, grilled corn, crunchy onions, sliced ​​carrots, and honey mustard vinegar.

Just Salad’s new summer menu also features Golden Summer Salad made with crisp romaine and watercress, golden beets, blood orange, ROC white quinoa, chopped almonds, creamy goat cheese, mint leaves, fresh dill, and basil lemon vinaigrette.

As a year-round climate menu item, the Earth Bowl includes arugula and shredded kale, Simpli’s ROC White Quinoa, Violife® vegan feta, hand-cut beets, roasted sweet potatoes, Apple slices, chopped almonds and balsamic vinegar. Simpli’s ROC White Quinoa will also be available as an additional ingredient to any Just Salad meal.

The founder of the Rodale Institute, J.I. Rodale, was a pioneer in the belief that healthy soils create healthy food, leading to healthy people. The Rodale Institute’s farming systems experience is the longest side-by-side comparison of North American organic and conventional grain farming systems, finding that organic systems use 45% less energy, emit 40% less carbon emissions, and have the ability to produce up to up to 40% higher in times of drought than is commonl systems.

The launch of these ROC menu items represents the teamwork of Just Salad and SIMPLi to take steps toward scaling up renewable and organic ingredients to inspire a fairer, more innovative food industry. Both brands are sustainability leaders in the food space, and represent a partnership with aligned missions. By supporting farmers in their transition from conventional farming to USDA certified organic farming and ROC farming practices, SIMPLi is committed to bringing consumers ethically sourced, high-quality, single-source ingredients from around the world. Likewise, Just Salad believes in making everyday health and daily sustainability possible.

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