Kasich & Klepper podcast reveals the former ruler’s love for pop culture

Not the most surprising moment in John Kasich’s tenure was his support for the expansion of Medicaid. Or his attack on public sector unions. Or his harsh criticism of Donald Trump. All of these pale in comparison to the horrific developments that occurred on May 20, 2016, when the then Ohio governor decided that Attending the Rock on the Range Festival at Historic Crewewith eardrum splitting performed by Metal Core Memphis Mayfire from the front of the stage.

The appearance revealed Kasich’s unexpected cultural enthusiasm, which was also featured in recent months in his podcast he launched in January with daily offerJordan Clipper. Here are some anecdotes from Kasich’s unfiltered mind.

Bono and Friends: “I used to be friends with Bono,” the former governor said on Kasich & Klepper’s first episode, sharing a story about the U2 singer’s efforts on behalf of debt relief for African nations. “Al Pacino told me, ‘Don’t be a name-blocker,’” Kasich stated in another episode, before choosing to ignore this advice. “I was talking to Lionel Richie about this,” Kasich continued.

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