Kavatina is now flown in the capital

New Delhi, July 11 (IANSlife): Amid the never-ending sea breeze and at the edge of the shimmering ocean, Goa offers some of the best culinary experiences in the country, one that one often craves for when back home. The Lodhi is bringing a slice of Goan’s paradise to the capital this month with an exclusive pop-up from Cavatina, one of India’s most popular restaurants.

Kavatina is a hidden gem of contemporary Goanfood, showcasing the local cuisine of the region with a bit of European love for modern tastes. Chef Avinash Martins created the restaurant by diving deep into a treasure trove of forgotten recipes from Saraswat and Portuguese communities and serving them in a reimagined farm-to-table format.

Black rice and activated charcoal Koyloleo

Chef Martins has worked with Michelin-starred chefs around the world and was named one of the “30 Best Chefs in India” by Culinary Culture in 2022. As a Goan native of Indo-Portuguese descent, his goal was to preserve Goan cuisine And at Kavatina, he creates local flavors in an unprecedented way through his innovative approach. Chef Martins offers a fresh look at old recipes, striking the right balance between contemporary sentiment and traditional roots. He believes in using only locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to preserve cultural flavors in their purest form.

Chef Martins has created an impressive tapas menu as well as a seven-course culinary journey that sums up the variety of Goa food cultures and transports diners to the tropical ambiance of this pop-up at The Lodhi in New Delhi. The signature menu features a variety of flavor-packed Goan fare such as Pao De Queso (cheese-stuffed paw), mushroom bisque, tender coconut and water chestnut crudo, and dried Koyloleo Cannoli with Veg Caldin. Seafood soup, shrimp, water chestnut, and squid calderrada are a must-order for seafood lovers in Goansea. Among the main dishes are sea bass wrapped in banana leaf, chicken stuffed roulade, duck capedel, cashew jalapeno koji mushroom with jasmine rice, and smoked eggplant mousse with mango pickles. To round out the meal, diners can enjoy cashew chiki covered in vanilla cream.

Powder Bunk Bunk – Baker’s Basket

Pop-up place: Ilan, The Lodi, New Delhi

Tentative dates: July 15-23, 2022 (lunch and dinner)

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