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It’s as American as hot dogs and apple pie and high gas prices (with Biden’s help). He also fashions himself as an American badass and his dating history (Pamela Anderson, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy King, etc) proves that he is one of the most accomplished businessmen of the modern era.

Most importantly, he is very proud of being an American. Ho, Kid Mother F’n Rock!

And since Bruce Springsteen lost his composure faster than opponents Joey Chestnut revamped their competitive meals for the holiday, rock should be the only choice for the artist to spin and support on the Fourth of July.

Let this be a reminder that if you’re a red-blooded American, you have to be cool with Bob Ritchie – better known as Kid Rock – today.

Hell, you should do it most days, but especially today, when we celebrate our independence in the best country in the world. No need to rummage through suggested playlists from the streaming service – this kids’ party has got you covered.

There’s probably no need for a prompt, but aside from the usual songs, Rock’s catalog features great seasonal tunes like “American Badass,” “All Summer Long,” and “Born Free”—a song that Rock described to MTV as a reminder:hMy God, all of us, no matter where you are, are born in a free country. “

Kid Rock holds the American flag while performing for US forces at Baghdad International Airport on June 19, 2003. Rock and a number of artists were there to entertain soldiers as part of a USO tour. (Image via Getty Images)

Rock isn’t just about toe-toeds, his lyrics echo his pride in being an American.

Nor does he shy away from pointing out the simple American joys of smoking heaters, drinking beer, and boots.

If that doesn’t scream red, white, and blue, then what does?

His songs are often used as messages to spread support for the United States at a time when many forget the freedoms our country affords us.

Case in point, the 2022 rock anthem “We The People,” which includes rock:

But we have to keep fighting for the right to be free
Not everyone should agree
We all bleed red bro, listen to me
It’s time for love and loneliness

And later sings:

If you love love and want to make things better
All we have to do is just unite

Everyone’s favorite rock star, rock star brings out the kind of tunes that put American flair front and center on a near-consistent footing.

If that’s not reason enough to treat you and your guests with some baby rock while beer and fireworks fill the sky, consider Detroit’s most famous rock band with the full backing of Captain America himself, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Before he took to the stage in concerts of his current life bad reputation Tour, rock music was introduced to the audience by a video message from Trump. In letter 45 he says the following:

“All of you present are the true backbone of our country. Hardworking, God-fearing, patriots of rock and roll.”

Trump later adds: “Let’s all continue to love one another, fight for our God-given liberties, and most of all, let’s make American rock again!”

Seconds before Rock appears in front of thousands of screaming fans, Trump concludes with his message: “Have a great time tonight. God bless you, and God bless America. “

Happy Fourth of July. go ahead!

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